Do Hardy Kiwis Go Bad

Does Hardy Kiwi Goes Bad?

Hardy kiwis are the type of kiwifruits that are similar in shape but different in color. Hardy kiwis are green in color and are harder than the kiwis. Kiwis have hair-like fiber covering it from the outside, but hardy kiwis do not have any fiber covering it.

If you bought a bunch of hardy kiwis a couple of weeks ago, and you are not sure whether they are fresh or not. A sudden question may pop up in your mind, does hardy kiwi goes bad? Today we will discuss the storage, shelf life, and going bad of hardy kiwis.

How to Store Hardy Kiwi?

Storage is very much crucial for every fruit. If you do not store your fruits properly, you will not enjoy their delicious taste for a long time. If you have bought a bunch of hardy kiwis, then you will have to provide the proper storage conditions to keep them fresh for a long time.

First of all, you should know that hard kiwi is known as unripe kiwi. Kiwi is mainly harvested unripe, and it has much time to ripe till it reaches the supermarkets or stores. Some essential steps regarding the storage of hard kiwi are given below:

Place in a cool and dark place

You can store unripe kiwi at room temperature without any confusion. You can place it anywhere at room temperature. You can store it in the cupboard of the kitchen or the pantry. You can store the whole bunch of hardy kiwis at room temperature till you cut them. Once it has been cut, then you should not store it at room temperature then.

Store in the refrigerator

It is okay to leave the hardy kiwis at room temperature as long as you don’t cut them. Once they are cut, then storing them at room temperature is not a good option. It is because the spoiling process speeds up after the cutting of fruit.

So, to prevent it from going wrong, it will be best for you to store it in the refrigerator. The shelf life of hardy kiwi will also extend in the refrigerator. Make sure that you keep it in the refrigerator in an airtight container. It will prevent the odors of other food products present in the fridge.

Store in the freezer

If you want a hardy kiwi to last for a long time, then you can store it in the freezer. The shelf life of hardy kiwi will extend in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Hardy Kiwi?

If you are thinking of hardy kiwi’s long-term storage, a question may pop up in your mind, can you freeze hardy kiwi? The answer is yes; you can store hardy kiwis in the freezer to extend their shelf life. The shelf life of hardy kiwi gets doubled in the freezer.

If you have bought many hardy kiwis and want them to last for a long time, you can store them in the freezer. You can put the whole hardy kiwi in the freezer. But if you have some leftovers, then it will be best to cut them into slices before storing them in the freezer.

Use freezer bags or airtight containers before storing the hardy kiwis in the freezer.

How Long Does Hardy Kiwi Last?

When it comes to the shelf life of the food products, especially the fruits, it mostly depends on the storage. If you have stored it in suitable conditions, then it will last for a long time. Otherwise, it will go bad very quickly. Hardy kiwi doesn’t have a long shelf life, but it is more shelf-stable than fully ripen kiwis.

Hardy kiwi can last for almost a week at room temperature. During this period, it gets fully ripe, and then that ripen kiwi can last for another four days. So, hardy kiwi can last for almost ten days at room temperature. We advise you to use it within a week.

Hardy kiwi can last for a couple of months in the refrigerator. In comparison, if you store hardy kiwi in the freezer, then it will retain its freshness for up to three months.

How to Tell If Hardy Kiwi Is Bad?

Checking hardy kiwi is just like checking any other fruits. The signs of spoilage for hardy kiwi are just like other fruits. There is a change in the taste, color, and smell of hardy kiwi when spoiled. You should look for the following things:

  • Check the hardy kiwi closely to see any dark spots. Dark spots are one of the most common traits of spoilage. So, if you see any, discard it at once.
  • If the hardy kiwi has become softer and mushier, discard it at once.
  • Check the smell of the hardy kiwi. Typically, it has a pleasant fruity smell. But it doesn’t smell good, and then you should not use it.