Does Guarana Go Bad

Does Guarana Go Bad?

Guarana is also called paullinia cupana.  This fruit has a red shell encasing.  Guarana has caffeine and many other compounds that show antioxidant properties.

We can also use guarana in energy drinks, soft drinks and some guarana is converted into powder form. Guarana looks like a human eye. Guarana fruit has a black colour seed in it, which is surrounded by white aril. Guarana is rich in antioxidants.  Guarana helps in maintaining health.

Guarana has a shelf life of a maximum of a week, just the way other fruits have. It is used in beverage industries. It is a unique fruit. Guarana is best for your mental energy. Yes, it does go wrong, but this article shows some tips to extend its shelf life.

How to store guarana?

Guarana is a fruit that is mainly consumed in making energy drinks. It increases your energy. Guarana is stored the same way you store other fruits.

Storing guarana isn’t challenging. If you are thinking about how to store guarana, continue reading this article. Here are some instructions for storing your guarana to enhance its shelf life for maximum time.

Away from heat and moisture

Heat is not at all suitable for fruits. Keep guarana away from heat sources. Heat causes fruits to go wrong early. To store fruits for long without risking their quality.

It would help if you kept in the dark and dry places so guarana could enjoy healthy long shelf life. Moisture is also a threat to fruits.

Much moisture can lead to mould formation on your fruit. Moisture supports bacterial growth on your fruits. It is essential to keep your fruit safe from excessive moisture. It would be best if you stored guarana in places away from sunlight, moisture or sources of heat. Always keep it in a cold environment for better shelf life.

Converting in powder

There is another hack we can say to store your guaranas. You can convert them into powder form. For converting them into powder from all, you need to dry them all out.

Once they are dried, grind them, and here you go. Now store the powder of guarana, which isn’t less than the fruit itself. You can use this powder in your energy drinks. Powdered form guarana has longer shelf life than the actual fruit.

Refrigerate it

The best option is to refrigerate your fruit. Guarana would stay in the refrigerator for a prolonged time. Cool temperature is required for the storage of any fruit.

On refrigerating guaranas, you can save them for much time. Keep our guaranas in the crisper drawer of your fridge.

Guaranas last long in the refrigerator than any other place, so why not refrigerate them? The temperature in your fridge proves helpful in extending the shelf life of guarana.

Can we freeze guarana?

Freezing plays an efficient role in extending the shelf life of many food items. Guarana is generally available in the form of powder in markets.

You use guarana powder to make different energy boost drinks and to energize yourself by sprinkling this nutritional powder on your breakfast bowl.

If you want to consume raw guarana fruit, keep in mind that it has a short shelf life. Freezing raw fruit is generally not recommended as freezing results change in texture and, to some extent, the flavor of guarana fruit. But in the case of guarana powder, it has a long shelf life.

It does last in your pantry for long, but if you want to adopt the freezing option, you can go for it. However, you can get frozen, dried guarana powder from supermarkets.

How long does guarana last?

Guarana has a sweet fruity taste that everyone loves. This cute little fruit has a short shelf life. Guarana fruit generally lasts two to three days in the pantry.

You can extend the shelf life of guarana fruit by applying proper storage methods. In the refrigerator, guarana fruit usually lasts for a week.

Guarana powder is available in markets that are commonly used to enhance the flavours of many beverages—guarana in the form of powder usually last way longer than the raw guarana fruit.

Guarana powder lasts for months in the pantry. You still have to store guarana powder in a vacuum-sealed jar or container to extend its shelf life as moisture and heat can turn guarana terrible and unfit to consume.

How to tell if guarana is terrible?

Talking about fruits spoilage, we know that fruits show some common symptoms when they are turned bad. On observing the signs in your guarana that are mentioned below, you should discard them.

  • Mould formation in your fruits tells that they are not suitable to be consumed now, so figuring out mould in guarana trash it.
  • Any change in texture or taste of your guarana is also a sign of spoilage. It would be best if you threw such guarana with bad taste or texture.
  • When it’s about guarana powder, look for many clumps in the powder. If there are a lot of clumps in your guarana powder, you must toss it.