Does Guar Go Bad

Does Guar Go Bad?

Guar is also named cluster beans. It is an annual legume and used for making guar gum. It has a narrow body. It originated in the regions of West India and Africa. Guar has a bitter and sharp taste. They have a greasy and smooth texture.

Guar can be cooked, fried, or even roasted. It can be used to make a variety of dishes. Guar has a fresh green colour that literally calls you to eat it. It has a good quantity of nutrients to keep you healthy and fit.

The question is that whether guar goes bad or not? Yes, it can go bad if not kept appropriately. Don’t worry; we are here to guide you  the ways for its storage and also its benefits. Carry on reading our article to learn all about guar.

How to store guar?

Guar is a good source of iron. It helps our body to absorb iron. In this way, it lessens the risk of having anemia. It makes your bones strong as well. Do you know? Guar is suggested to pregnant ladies because it is an excellent source of folic acid.

There are many ways to store guar. Some of them are mentioned right below. Hurry up! Learn these ways and store your guar before it goes bad.

Drying Them

The common way which is used to store the guar or cluster beans is drying. First of all, wash the guar thoroughly to remove the dirt and mud. Now boil the water with some salt. When the water begins to boil, add guar into it.

Let them boil for three to four minutes. After that, turn off the flame. Leave the guar in hot water for five minutes. Strain and then dry them completely. You can dry them via oven, food dehydrator or sun. After drying, put them in an airtight jar.


Another way used to store guar is to store them in the refrigerator. It is pretty simple. All you have to do is first wash the guar. Dry and then wrap them in a paper towel. Place that paper towel in the Ziploc bag.

Put the bag in the refrigerator. Isn’t it simple! Your guar is stored correctly now. You can take it anytime from the refrigerator and enjoy its flavour. Make sure there is no damaged piece in the bag.

Store in Pantry

If you want to keep guar fresh, then store it in a cool and dry place. If you bring it near the sun or any other heat source, then it will spoil quickly. Wash the beans to remove dirt. Dry them thoroughly. You can store them in the pantry.

Can you freeze guar?

If you have diabetes, then start eating guar. Guar helps to regulate the blood glucose level. It also helps in regulating high blood pressure. Isn’t it great! After learning these great benefits, you definitely want to make it a part of your diet.

If you are going to carve for guar in the offseason, then why not consider the option of freezing it. Yes, you can freeze the guar and enjoy it anytime later. Just follow the instructions and freeze your delicious guar.

Wash the beans and cut their ends. Boil them for three to five minutes. After boiling, cool the guar by putting them in the bowl with some ice cubes. Strain and then dry them properly. Now place them in the freezer bag. Put the bag in the freezer.

How long does guar last?

One of the interesting facts about guar is that it calms your brain. So, whenever you are stressed and feeling bad, eat guar. It will make you feel way too better. Isn’t it awesome! It is rich in vitamin A, C and K.

The shelf life of guar is thirty-five days. However, you can increase its shelf life by storing it in the right way. If you have stored the guar in the refrigerator, it will last for four to five days. In the freezer, you can keep guar for nine months.

Guar is so good for health. It helps to decrease the cholesterol level in the body. It lessens the risk of having heart issues. It provides potassium as well.

How to tell if guar is bad?

Guar is an excellent source of energy as it provides us with carbohydrates and proteins. Hey! Want to look smart and slim? If yes, then make guar a part of your diet. BOOM! It helps you to lose weight. It also helps in blood circulation.

The question that may pop up in your mind is how to tell if guar is bad? It is quite simple and easy. Just remember the few points mentioned below.

  • If you notice any black or brown spots on the guar, then don’t consume them.
  • If you notice any mold or fungus growth, then it is not safe to eat. Throw it away.
  • Check for the aroma. If there is some foul or unpleasant smell coming from the guar, then don’t consume it.