Does Ground Coffee Go Bad?

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When you open your eyes in the morning with the lazy vibe, you cannot think about the plans you have made for the day. These irrational cognitions could bring you the most tiresome attire for the day. We crave something strong to get ahead of the day with a fresh start to let this laziness go.

Ground coffee is the perfect way to start your day with. You probably buy this in bulk to store it for your everyday use. It needs proper care for the storage. It also goes bad, and it has a shelf life too.

How to Store Ground Coffee

You can store coffee in airtight jars. Ground coffee could get easily spoiled if it is intact with the air. The humidity can easily spoil them. The best way to store them is in a pantry, away from the humidity and the light, in an airtight and opaque container.

If you have opened the packet in which you have bought the coffee and want to store it for later use, it is better to keep that leftover beans in a tight air jar or a moist free canister.

There are many other ways to store coffee, whether it is in raw form, whether it is in ground form.

Keeping them in the airtight container

To store them for a long time, even when you are using them, you need to preserve them side by side by putting them in the airtight or a sealed jar.

This would make their contact with the environment as little as possible, keeping them safe from the humidity would increase their life.

Freezing Ground Coffee

One of the easiest ways is to put ground coffee in the refrigerator. They can stay stored for like a month in the refrigerator. If you have them brewed, put them in the sealed bag and then store them in the freezer.

Keeping them in Plastic bags

If you don`t have the jar or canister, you can put them in the air tight sealed bags wrapping their top in the rubber band.

Once the box or their bag is opened, they could get easily intact with the environment, exposing them to humidity and sunlight, having fungal growth. Doing so will increase their average life. To be aware of the expiry date, you have to write on that bag.

Can You Freeze Ground Coffee?

If you are a working individual and are right on schedule, you might want coffee very badly to get rid of the tiresome fatigue. Coffee is very helpful in relaxation after working for so long, but it takes time to make if you want a good cup of coffee.

You can buy the coffee beans and ground them in bulk and freeze the sieved one in the air tight bag and freeze it for later use.

Ground coffee beans could go rancid easily as they are more exposed to the air than the beans. They are best before a month in their frozen state.

How Long Does Ground Coffee Last

Its shelf life depends on many factors. One of which is their type. In their ground state, they can go rancid easily as they cover more surface area so they could get intact easily with the air even when you store them in the sealed bags.

If it is unopened, it can stay for as long as five months of their Mfg. Date. If their packet is opened, they can stay for as long as 3-5 months after their packet is opened. If they are roasted beans, then they can stay for 12-24 months in their unopened packet.

How to Tell If Ground Coffee is Bad

Like many other drinks and eatables, coffee also has an expiry date. It can also go bad. Judging their appearance, which turns into a fungal state with some fungus outgrowth, tells us that our coffee is now rancid.

  • Evaporation rate: like coffee beans, ground coffee doesn`t last much longer; they could easily evaporate. They are processed and broken down, and their average life is just 3-5 months at most.
  • Moistened: for longer storage, their taste could get wrong, and they will start losing their aroma and their color.
  • Rancidity: if your coffee goes rancid, you can never estimate its rancidity because of its same physical appearance. Fresh coffee tastes like caramel and with a sweet and strong fragrance.
  • If it has turned rancid, then smelling it would feel like it is in the degradation process.
  • Bitterness: if you feel like your coffee is going bad, do not throw it right away; taste it first hand, and if it feels a bit sour and bitter, then you have to dump it right away.
  • White particles: if your coffee has gone bad, then you can see white particles in it with an unfamiliar odor. Then it is no longer for healthy use.