Does Grenadine Go Bad?

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There are a lot of food and drink items that can go bad quite soon. The main reason any food gets bad is the bacterial and fungal attack on it. However, grenadine is not an item that can easily go bad. It is because grenadine is a type of syrup that is nonalcoholic. It means that bacteria cannot act on it since it has a high amount of sugar in it.

However, there are some storing mistakes that can make your grenadine go bad. Besides that, it can also go bad if it is not preserved properly.

How Can You Store Grenadine?

Like many other foods and drinks, you can store the grenadine to enjoy it for a long time. It is important to make sure that you follow the right steps for storing grenadine so you can enjoy it for a long time. Following are some of the ways that you can follow to store your grenadine.

Store it at Dry Area

It is important to store the grenadine in a dry and dark place. The sunlight can breakdown the sugar content to release water which affects the consistency of grenadine. Besides that, it also produces moisture that increases the chances of bacterial growth.

Store it at Room Temperature

You have to store grenadine at normal temperature. The main purpose is that you have to keep your grenadine away for any heat sources. Make you also keep it away from the sun so that it does not lose its consistency.

Store it in A Kitchen Shelf

Another place to store the grenadine is on the kitchen shelf. One thing you should keep in mind is that the shelf should be dry. You can easily store it in your pantry too.

Store it in The Refrigerator

Another way to store the grenadine is to store it in the refrigerator. The grenadine can last for a longer duration at the cool place. The refrigerator can keep its fresh for a long time. That is the reason why the refrigerator is the best place to store the opened bottle of grenadine.

Can You Freeze Grenadine?

Like many other food items and drinks, you can freeze the grenadine as well. Many people do not know that freezing the grenadine is the best way to store it.

Freezing grenadine can increase its shelf life. However, the freshness of the grenadine syrup may run out. The freshness of anything you put in the freezer will not be the same because it impacts the consistency and texture.

You can freeze the grenadine in two forms. The first way to freeze it like ice cubes. By doing this, you can easily use the require amount whenever needed. Second, you can store the grenadine in the sealed bottle too, but in that case, you will have trouble while using it. The homemade grenadine is recommended to store in ice cube form.

How Long Does Grenadine Last?

Like all others, grenadine is a syrup that you can store easily. It is best to be used before its expiry date. However, sometimes it can go well even after its expiry date if it is unopened.

The shelf life of grenadine depends on whether it has been opened or not. The opened bottle of grenadine can stay for three to four months. However, the unopened bottle of grenadine can last long for two to three years.

One more important thing is that there is a difference between the homemade grenadine lasting and store brought grenadine. The store brought grenadine lasts more than homemade grenadine. The reason is that the store brought grenadine contains preservative in it which increases its lasting. Alternatively, the homemade is purely organic and last for shorter time.

To increase the lasting period of the grenadine, you have to make sure that it is kept in the favorable conditions. These include, keeping at the room temperature and making sure to keep it away from sunlight and heat sources.

How Can You Tell When Grenadine Goes Bad?

Since grenadine has sugar in a good quantity in it, it does not go bad easily. However, few situations can make your grenadine go bad. Such as the put it unsealed or putting it in a heat or light source.

If you want to check if your grenadine had gone bad, following are some of the points the you need to consider.

  • If the grenadine smells something different from normal, then it means it is bad. Normally, grenadine has sweet odor but if it smells foul, you can tell that grenadine gone bad.
  • The spoiled grenadine will taste funky. You can taste a very small portion of grenadine if you are doubtful, and tell easily if it tastes sour or bitter.
  • If you see any discoloration in grenadine, that means that it goes bad.