Does Green Onion Go Bad?

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Green onion is also named scallions and spring onion. It is a vegetable. It originated in Asia. Nowadays, it is commonly used all over the world. Green onions are long and thin. They are green in color with a crumbly and crispy texture.

Green onions have two parts. The green part has a fresh and somewhat grassy flavor, while the white part has a sharp and strong flavor, more like an onion. You can enjoy it raw as well as cooked. It is so good for your health and gives a refreshing sensation.

The question is that whether green onion can go bad or not? Yes, it can go bad if not stored properly. We are here to guide you the ways for its storage and also its amazing benefits. Carry on reading our article to learn all about green onions.

How to store green onions?

Green onions are rich in nutrients. It provides you vitamin K. It strengthens your bones and quite necessary for blood clotting. Do you know? Green onions are the most common vegetable used in Chinese cooking.

There are many ways to store green onions properly. Some of them are mentioned just below. Read, go and store your onions before they go bad.

Use a jar

It is a simple and easy way to store your green onions. Clean the green onions to remove any dirt attached to them. Take a jar that is long enough to hold all the green onions without toppling over each other.

Place the onions in the jar in such a way that the roots are at the bottom. Fill it with water till it covers all the roots. Place the jar on the kitchen shelf or windowsill. Your green onions will remain fresh this way. Change the water when required.

Wet paper towel

Another way of storing the green onions is to store them in a wet or damp paper towel. Green onions require moisture to stay fresh. Wash your onions properly. Place them in a moist paper towel.

Too much water may damage the onions. Make sure it is not that wet. Now place the wrapped green onions in the plastic bag.


You can also store the green onions in the refrigerator. First of all, cut the roots of the onions. Cut them into two pieces so that they will fit into the bag. Wrap the green onions in a paper towel. Now place them in a Ziploc bag and put it in the refrigerator.

Can you freeze the green onions?

Green onions are so fresh and healthy. They are primarily used in salads, salsa, soups, and garnishing as well. They add good flavor to the food and make it look attractive. Research shows that eating green onions lowers the risk of cancer.

Having any digestive issues? If yes, then say goodbye to them. BOOM! Green onions are rich in fiber and so good for digestion. If you are going to miss the green onions in the off-season, then why not freeze them. Yes, you can freeze the onions and enjoy them anytime later.

All you have to do is first wash the green onions to remove the dirt. Dry them thoroughly using a paper towel. Cut them in slices or chunks. Place them in the freezer bag or air-tight jar. Put the jar in the freezer. That’s all; your onions are frozen now.

How long does green onion last?

Hey! If you are looking forward to getting slim and smart, then buy a lot of green onions. Yes, one of the amazing benefits of using green onions is that it prevents obesity. It helps you to lose weight. It provides you with vitamin A and C as well.

The shelf life of green onions is three to four days. One can increase its shelf life by storing them refrigerator and freezer. If you have stored the green onions in the jar with water, they will last for two to three weeks.

In the refrigerator, you can keep your green onions for four to five weeks. If you have stored them in the freezer, they will last for three to four months. Green onions thaw within seconds.

How to tell if the green onion is bad?

The addition of green onions in the salad makes it healthier and more delicious as it contains vitamin A, so it is really good for your eyesight. After learning these amazing benefits, you are definitely going to make it a part of your diet.

The question that you may want to ask right now is how to tell if green onions are bad? It is simple. Just remember few points mentioned here.

  • Check for its color. If you see discoloration, then don’t consume it.
  • If you notice any unpleasant smell coming from the onions, then discard them. They are not safe to eat.
  • If the green onions feel so soft and mushy to touch, then throw them away. Also, check for the presence of fungus or mold.