Does Grape Juice Go Bad?

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Grape juice is a perfect addition to your breakfast, school lunch, or refreshment. They are a ready source of nutrients with a burst of flavors.  Grape juices are available throughout the year in the markets, so you can never run out of them.

Grape juices can go bad if they are not stored properly. The microbial and chemical reactions may alter the flavor, texture, and aroma of grape juice, making it look unappealing. You will not want to use your grape juice then, and ultimately, it will become a part of your waste.

How to store grape juice?

There could be multiple ways to store your grape juice to extend its life span. The grape juice ferments readily; not everyone prefers wined grape juice. We can prevent that from happening by storing the grape juice by following apt measures.

Keep your grape juice in a cool and dry place

The grape juice must be kept in a cool and dry place. The unopened bottles of grape juice will not spoil in your pantry, provided your pantry has these conditions.


If you place your grape juice under sunlight, the warmth from the sunlight may fluctuate the grape juice temperature. It can facilitate the growth of bacteria and molds that reduces the shelf life of grape juice.

Do not leave your grape juice open

You should never leave your grape juice bottle open in the air. Make sure to close your juice bottle or gallon if you have used it. The air may oxidize the grape juice.

It could pace up the fermenting process in your grape juice. The sugars in your grape juice will b converted into alcohols, and grape juice will no longer be grape juice; but grape wine.

Place your grape juice in the fridge

Your refrigerator is the best place for your grape juice that can help extend its life span. The fermenting process slows down. There is minimal chance of bacterial or mold growth in your grape juice when placed in the refrigerator, so the possibility of spoilage of grape juice is quite less in the fridge.

Storing freshly prepared grape juice

You can only store your freshly prepared grape juice for up to two days in your fridge. It does not contain added preservatives that could extend its shelf life. You can store it for an extended period by keeping it in the freezer.

Can you freeze your grape juice?

The abundance of grape juice can be stored in the freezer if there is no way you can use it in a month. You can put all of your grape juice together in an airtight container together and freeze it. You could also freeze your grape juice using ice cube trays.

You can transfer them to ziplock bags later on. The cubes of grape juice are more convenient to be used as you can put them directly into your sparkling water or soda. You can also reduce your grape juice on heat and then freeze them. It will still taste good.

How long does grape juice last?

The life of grape juice depends on how it is prepared and its storage conditions. You can store your freshly prepared juice for up to two days in your fridge. It can be frozen for up to months when placed in the freezer. The processed grape juice retains its freshness up to its expiry date when sealed.

The opened grape juice will not go bad for a month when kept in the fridge. There will be no alteration in taste, and there will be no mold formation in it. The frozen grape juice offers the longest life span as it can last for about a year in the freezer. It retains the same taste, flavor, and texture when it thaws to room temperature.

How to tell if grape juice is bad?

Grape juice does go bad easily if it is not kept under optimum conditions. You need to some signs of bad grape juice, so you do not consume it unintentionally. The following signs and symptoms are shown by bad grape juice that urges you to throw your grape juice away.

  • The spoilt grape juice has undergone fermentation. You will smell a vinegar-like off smell from it. You can smell the bad grape juice instantly.
  • The sour grape juice turns from beautiful purple to dull brown. It looks unappealing, and you will not want to consume it. It is better to discard it off.
  • When you open the bottle of bad grape juice, you may notice frizziness and bubbles in it due to fermentation.
  • The carton of bad grape juice also becomes wet and puffed up, indicating trouble in your grape juice. It is time that you throw away your grape juice. Consuming it further may cause you some serious health issues.