Does Grenadilla Go Bad

Does Granadilla Go Bad?

Granadilla is a type of fruit similar to passion fruit. This oval-shaped fruit has a yellow or orange color. The taste of this cute purplish color fruit is a mixture of sweet and sour flavors.

Granadilla is full of nutrition. It is commonly used in smoothies or salad seasonings or to make dipping sauces. Just like other fruits, granadilla does go wrong. It will ripen first before going bad. It belongs to the family of passion fruit.

For any fruit to go wrong, there are two main reasons behind it. Microbial and fungal growth causes granadilla spoilage. Fungal causes mold growth on granadilla, making it unfit to use. Keep reading this article as this will provide you knowledge about granadilla and everything you want to know about this fruit.

How to store granadilla?

So in case you have bought plenty of granadillas and now wondering how to store them, this article will provide you all the precise arrangements regarding it.

Storing granadilla isn’t a big deal. You should follow the essential storage tips mentioned below.

Storing granadilla at room temperature

Fruits like granadilla require to be ripened first before you head towards storing it further. Mainly we observe that when we buy granadillas from a grocery store, they are unripe.

Your room temperature is perfectly fine to ripe them naturally. You can keep them in the pantry or at room temperature.

They sit well for up to 15 days. Let granadilla ripe first before you move on towards the next step. Once this fruit is fully ripened, avoid keeping it at room temperature.

Dry and cool areas

It is essential to keep your fruits in dry and cool areas. Similarly, granadilla demands exact conditions. All you have to do is placing it away from areas exposing much to sunlight.

Much heat leads to the spoilage of fruit early. It would aid if you kept them in your kitchen cabinets but not forget about them. Exposure to heat and sunlight turns them squashy and mushy, making them entirely imperfect to eat.

Excessive moisture can result in mold formation on your fruit. Fungus and bacteria thrive on moisture. Moisture proves to be an excellent medium for fungal and bacterial growth.

Refrigerate it

Your fridge fulfills the demand of the required cool environment for your fruits and veggies. Keeping your fruit in the refrigerator is the best idea to implement on.

Once your granadilla is wholly ripened, you cannot preserve it at room temperature. Storing at room temperature is for a limited period.

It would be best if you adopted the refrigeration option. On refrigerating, the fruit doesn’t continue to ripen. This way, it helps fruit to extend its shelf life. Avoid placing granadilla next to fruits realizing ethylene gas like avocados, plums, and banana. They will prematurely ripen granadilla.

Can you freeze granadilla?

You might be searching for methods to store granadilla for months. Well, freezing is the best option in that case. Frozen granadilla lasts for way more periods.

You cannot dump the whole fruit in your freezer. You first need to remove the seeds and then go to store the rest flesh. Freezing whole fruit will make it sloppy on defrosting.

There is another way to freeze this fruit that is an ice cube tray. Cut the granadilla and scoop the flesh out. Fill up the ice cube tray with the flesh in each slot. Place the tray into the freezer.

Once you see the cubes are frozen, shift those cubes to a freezer-friendly zip-lock bag. Make sure there lies no air in the bag before putting it in the freezer. Label the bags with a current date for your ease.

How long does granadilla last?

Just like other fruits, the shelf life of granadilla is short. Its shelf life greatly depends on the way you store it. Proper storage methods make granadilla last for a long.

In case you have bought unripe granadilla from the supermarket, it generally has long shelf life than the ripened one. At room temperature, unripe granadilla will last for ten to fifteen days.

If you keep your granadilla in the refrigerator, it can stay good for a month. Fridge reduces the ripening rate; otherwise, your granadilla can turn bad at room temperature for more than a week. We aren’t done here.

Granadilla can be stored for months. The freezer provides the maximum extended shelf life to this fruit. On a freezing, granadilla lasts for six months.

By applying the instructions mentioned in this article above, you can store your fruit for prolong time.

All you need to do is precisely store your fruit for experiencing the best and healthy extended shelf life.

How to tell if granadilla is terrible?

Fruits show some common signs of deterioration. You can quickly figure out whether your granadilla is still healthy to be consumed or not.

Consuming bad fruit doesn’t even sound healthy. How could someone let the fruit quality uncheck before consuming it?

Here are some signs which indicate the spoilage of granadilla.

  • Check the appearance. Observe if you notice any color changes. The brown color of grana shows that it has over-ripened, which makes it imperfect to consume.
  • Mold formation is a significant sign that means your fruit is no longer healthy to be eaten.