Does Giant Granadilla Go Bad

Does Giant Granadilla Go Bad?

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Giant Granadilla is a large greenish fruit with juicy flesh inside and with seeds in the center hollow. You can eat the fruit raw, cook it, or you can use it as a dessert or extract juice out of it. The giant granadilla is somewhat yellowish from the top and bottom.

Giant Granadilla is found in tropical regions around the world. The plant can grow in between 15 to 20 meters. The fruit is ready to be harvested between May and October. Giant Granadilla has a low shelf life. If not stored correctly, it will not last long. Here are some tips so you can store Giant Granadilla.

How To Store Giant Granadilla

Giant Granadilla is a tropical fruit and has a low shelf life. As it is harvested in summers so, they get expired fast. Due to its usage in daily life and restaurants, giant granadilla is stored correctly, so it does not expire and lasts longer to use in different dishes.

Room Temperature

Giant Granadilla won’t last very long at room temperature. It is suggested to place it at room temperature only when you have to use it. When placing at room temperature, do not take out its peel and leave it as it is.

Make sure to wash it only when you are about to consume the fruit. Moisture will make the fruit rot faster. Make sure not to store sliced giant granadilla at room temperature as it will last for few hours only.


Giant Granadilla is large and cannot be consumed altogether, so there is a need to store it in pieces. So, to make it last longer, people prefer to put it in the refrigerator. One can slice it and place it on a plate and then put it in the refrigerator.

You can also place the whole fruit in the refrigerator and cut it into half and then place it, which completely depends on your use.


Freezing the fruit is also preferred as it can last for a couple of months. You can place the sliced flesh of the fruit directly into the refrigerator, which can later be used as a dessert. Or you can place the whole fruit in the freezer.

Root Cellar

You can also store the fruit by placing it in the root cellar. You have to put it in a net bag and hang it with the ceiling, or you can place it on the floor wrapped in a newspaper. The cold, dark and dry environment of the cellar will make it last longer.

Can You Freeze Giant Granadilla

Yes, you can freeze Giant Granadilla, but it is usually stored in different ways. The most straightforward method is to place it directly in the freezer in approximately one hour; the fruit will be frozen. You can thaw it at room temperature, but the speediest method is placing it in warm water.

You can slice the flesh meat inside the fruit and place it in slices in the freezer. You can thaw it by placing it at room temperature. Frozen slices of the fruit are also used as a dessert.

Some people also mesh the meat of the fruit and freeze it. It can be used in desserts or enjoyed as natural ice cream.

How Long Does Giant Granadilla Last

The fruit’s expiry depends on different factors like where you have placed the fruit and the temperature conditions. Giant Granadilla has less shelf life, so it can last for a few hours only if sliced at room temperature. However, the fruit as a whole can survive up to 3 – 4 days.

Giant Granadilla is usually preferred to store in the refrigerator, which increases its shelf life from one to two weeks. If sliced fruit is placed in the refrigerator, then the fruit will last for 5 – 7 days. Placing the fruit in the root cellar will also make it last for a couple of weeks.

Placing the fruit in the freezer will increase the life of the fruit dramatically. You can expect the fruit to last for about 4 – 6 months. Fruit is usually frozen at the commercial level.

How To Tell If Giant Granadilla Is Bad

Giant Granadilla can go bad under certain circumstances. There are a lot of methods by which you can understand if your Giant Granadilla is bad or not. You can throw your giant granadilla if it exhibits the following signs.

  • Appearance: The fruit is light green with firm skin. But if the skin is wrinkled or there are different dark spots on the fruit, you can throw the fruit as it has started to rotten. On touching, you will feel the sensation of softness.
  • Smell: A rotten Giant Granadilla will have a foul smell like rotten berries. If the appearance and smell are evident, then the fruit is rotten. You should not consume much fruit.