Does Genip Go Bad

Does Genip Fruit Go Bad?

Genip is a fruit that is like green balls with yellowish meatballs inside around its large seed. When eaten, you can feel tartness in the flesh of the fruit. Genip is grown in bunches, and its tree can grow up to 20 to 25 meters high.

Genip is grown and cultivated in North and South America and some parts of Asia. The fruit is ready to be consumed by summer. When seeded, the tree grows in about five years, and the tree bears fruit in 8 years. You can differentiate between good and lousy genip by looking for different features—i.e. change in texture, bad smell, and awful taste.

How To Store Genip

Genip are shipped worldwide, and there is a need for special precautions to store the fruit. People use different cuisines, smoothies, and juices out of this fruit. Mainly it is used as a dessert or is eaten frozen. Some techniques used by people to store genip are as follows.

Room Temperature

Genip is a juicy fruit that has a low shelf life. At room temperature, genip does not end for a more extended period if you need to use it under 3 – 4 days after purchasing fresh from the market if kept in the kitchen.

Keep the genip in a bucket so the flow of air can be maintained. In this way, there will be no mold development. The peel of the genip is a barrier for the inner from the outer atmosphere. Try to place your genips at darker, more relaxed, and dryer corners.


People prefer to store the genips in refrigerators. The dark, mild, and dry temperature of the refrigerator can increase the life of genips. Do not wash genips before placing them in the refrigerator, which will speed up the rotting process.

In refrigerators, you can keep your genips without a peel. You can place them in a container uncovered to avoid natural moisture buildup, which will eventually cause mold and rotting.


Freezing is also a famous way to store genips. You can place the fruit in the freezer, and it will take about an hour to get them to freeze. You can directly place the fruit in the freezer without taking out its peel and use it when you have to use it.

People like to eat frozen genips. Usually, the seed and peel are taken out, and the fruit itself is placed in the container. You can then place the container in the freezer, which can later be thawed at room temperature, and use it how you like.

Can You Freeze Genip

Yes, genip can quickly be frozen and can be saved for later use. Now there are different methods to store genip. One can freeze genip by directly placing them in the freezer. Or you can place take out the peel and seed and freeze the juicy flesh only.

Genip can be placed together in a plastic bag and be placed in the freezer. Freezing the raw genip is easy to peel on thawing. The frozen genips can be enjoyed as juicy candies.

Frozen genip can last for a couple of months. People also freeze the extracted syrup of the genip stored in the jar.

How Long Does Genip Last

Genip’s expiry depends on different factors, depending on the environment it is stored in. The genip cannot survive more than three days at room temperature in hot regions. However, genip can last for about ten days at room temperature in icy regions.

Genip if stored in a refrigerator, can increase the shelf life of genip. If you store a peeled genip in the refrigerator, the genip’s lifetime will decrease to 4 days approximately.

It is preferred to store the genip with its peel to last for a week, and the environment cannot accelerate fruit spoilage.

Freezing genip can quickly increase the life of genip for a couple of months. It depends on how you are freezing the genip. Usually, genip are frozen with seed without peel, making it last for 4 – 5 months. However, freezing with the peel on it can increase the genip’s storage life for about 5 – 6 months.

How To Tell If Genip Is Bad

Genip is a juicy fruit with less lifetime. There are many signs you can look for to tell if genip has gone wrong.

  • Appearance: You will see the wrinkled texture on the fruit skin, and the inner part of the fruit will be dried.
  • Smell: A good genip will have a sweet smell like lychee, but a genip gone bad will have a strong rotten smell.
  • Taste: The genip will have a bitter, foul taste and should be wasted as soon as you feel a taste change.