Does Gandaria Go Bad

Does Gandaria Go Bad?

The other name of Gandaria is Mango Plum. It is being cultivated and harvested in the areas of Asia. It is pretty similar to mangoes and prevalent in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Gandaria is a juicy and sweet fruit that is grown in summers.

People use it to make juice and other syrups. The leaves of Gandaria are also edible as they are used as vegetables. The most exciting fact about Gandaria is that it is very impactful for your health. Gandaria contains many nutritional values, and the other factor is that it naturally makes you feel pleasant while eating.

How To Store Gandaria

Gandaria is frequently consumed in summers. The nutritional elements are the main critical factors of Gandaria. It is very impactful for clear skin, and it maintains your metabolism. It is also handy for cancer treatment as it contains a good amount of fiber.

On the other hand, if you consider Gandaria to add to your diet, it will help you for weight loss, and also it will make your digestion system better. Gandaria is a diversified fruit. It goes from many phases, and in all phases, it is used differently as an edible item.

Leaves of Gandaria are used as vegetables. When Gandaria is not grown correctly, it is being used with the Salads. When it is completely matured, it is used as delicious sweet fruit. Gandaria grows from April to July.

It requires sunlight and a large amount of water daily. People eat it differently, and also, there are many patterns through which they prefer to store.


They are very delicate and seasonal fruit but cannot last for a long time. Its taste will start changing after some time. Refrigeration is the most suitable option for storing Gandaria. The basic process which can follow is to wash the fruit first.

Peel the skin and cut mango plums into pieces. You can use the plastic bag to store Gandaria. Put the slices into a plastic bag and make sure it must be air-tighten. Keep them in the refrigerator. It can be used for 15 days.

In Your Pantry

The nature of mango plum is that it should be kept in a refrigerator. It grows in the heat but when they are completely matured. Heat will ruin the plums. If you are considering using it on the same day, you can wash it keep it in a somewhere cooler area.

Can You Freeze Gandaria

Gandaria is not just used as an edible fruit. It has a great taste, and because of that, people use it differently and make many other recipes from it like fresh juices, syrups, and fruit punch.

People prefer to use frozen mango plums for making such recipes.

You can freeze it by following the simple procedure. Remove its leaves, wash it, and then chopped Gandaria into slices. You can use a plastic bag to freeze mango plums.

Keep the mango plums in a plastic bag and seal it. It will last up to 11 to 12 months.

How Long Does Gandaria Last

Gandaria is considered to be the most refreshing and healthy fruit. Sweet taste and continuous consumption make mango plums among the most popular fruit in Malaysia and Thailand. However, it is very beneficial for health due to its positive nutritional values.

If you are considering storing mango plums, there are different aspects in which you can get to know how long they can last if you prefer to store Gandaria in a refrigerator. It can last for almost 15 days.

If you are freezing them, they will be edible for more than 11 months. The honest opinion about frozen mango plums is they should be used to make other juices or recipes. They are more delicious if you are eating them when they are fresh.

It will create an entirely different and positive impact, but frozen Gandaria does not spoil too soon. You can eat it generally in a routine.

How To Tell If Gandaria Is Bad

Despite being so popular as a fruit, the shelf life of fresh Gandaria is relatively minor, but the frozen mango plums can last for almost a year. There are many possible ways through which you will be able to know that your mango plums cannot be used in the long run.

  • Appearance: The appearance of mango plums will tell you their condition. It is yellow and looks very fresh and semi-hard. It will start getting softer, and at one moment, its color will start fading away. The taste will also be changed as it will be sour and spicy. Rotten mango plums can cause diarrhea.
  • Smell: They usually have a delightful smell, but when mango plums go wrong, they will start stinking. At one point, you will feel the bad smell. The smell is unbearable sometimes, and it should be discarded immediately.