Does Galendar Go Bad

Does Galander Go Bad?

Galander is a round-shaped fruit. It has a diverse taste of sweet and tartaric. It is found in the areas of Nepal. They are quite similar to grapefruit.  Galander is cultivated and harvested in summers. People eat galander as raw and also make juice from it.

Galander is very rich in nutritional values as it helps to control blood pressure and improves blood circulation. Galander juice can be considered for dieting as it burns fats and helps you to lose weight. Galander is very refreshing, and they are very useful for the human body. However, it can also go bad under the circumstances.

How To Store Galander?

Galander is a very refreshing and healthy fruit. This fruit is also called Nepali fruit. It is the specialty of Nepal. It contains a good amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which is very useful in dehydration.

Galander is hardcoded from outside but from inside; it is very similar to grapefruit. Galandar is not very much common as it has not yet found any identification worldwide. It usually grows in summer.

They required a good amount of water before harvesting. Galander is quite large, and they weigh approximately 900 to 1000 grams. The consumption is not very much frequent due to its unavailability. But surely people like its taste.

You can use galander in two forms. You can eat it as raw fruit, and you can also make juice from it. The storage and shelf life of Galander depend on how you are storing it.


The most common method people use is to keep galander in the refrigerator. The skin of galander is similar to grapefruit, and it involves texture. Suppose you are preserving raw Galander. You have to wash it first.

Take one bowl and put the galander in it. You can also keep your Galander in a fruit box. It can be preserved for 15 to 20 days if you prefer to make juice from Galander. The suitable way is to consume it fresh and not preserve it for too long.

Fresh juice will have a beneficial impact on your health. But you want to store juice. Put Galandar juice in a jar and seal it and keep it in a refrigerator. Galander fruit juice will last for 1 to 2 days.

In Your Kitchen

You can store your Galander fruit in an open area as well. The only thing you have to take care of is keeping it in a cooler place and not peeling the skin unless you are eating it.

Can You Freeze Galander Fruit?

Galander fruit also has the same shelf life as other fruits. Galander can last up to a month if you are storing it correctly. However, freezing is not appropriate due to its texture of the skin and heavyweight.

You can freeze galander fruit by peeling the skin off and cut it into pieces. You can use a plastic bag to freeze the galendar. Put the pieces of Galandar fruit into a plastic bag, seal it, and make sure it must be air-tight.

Frozen galandar will last for almost two months. But the nutritional elements of Galandar fruit will be fade away.

How Long Does Galander Last?

If you are storing your Galandar fruit in the refrigerator, the fruit will last 15 to 20 days. On the other hand, if you prefer to store it in your pantry, Galandar fruit will last for a month.

Frozen Galandar can be used for up to two months. Still, the disadvantage of using frozen galandar is that nutritional qualities fade away, and they can remain in the same taste, but there will be no positive impact on your health.

When you are storing Galander fruit into pieces and using refrigeration, one trick can help you store your fruit for a longer period. Take one plastic bag and keep the pieces of galander fruit in it. Fill it with two teaspoons of sugar and keep it in the refrigerator.

Doing so will increase the Galandar’s shelf life.

How To Tell If Galander Is Bad?

Galandar is very healthy and beneficial if you are consuming it freshly, and especially the fresh juice of Galander fruit can help you lose weight as it burns fats. Meanwhile, we have discussed the method of storing your galander.

There are specific identifications through which you will know that your Galandar fruit cannot last for a longer period.

  • Appearance: Galandar fruit has rough skin, and when it starts getting expired, the skin of Galander fruit will start getting softer, and after that, mold will start appearing. Moreover, you have to discard galander fruit in that case.
  • Bad Taste: When Galandar fruits are going bad, their taste will completely change. Expired galander fruit will affect your throat, and you will get to know that they are expired. Galandar fruit taste will become sour.