Does Fromage Frais Go Bad

Does Fromage Frias Go Bad?

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Fromage Frias is also known as ‘white cheese,’ is a widely used dairy product across Europe and America. It is originated from the southern regions of Belgium and northern areas of France. Fromage Frias is a soft cheese obtained from skimmed milk and cream.

Fromage Frias Cheese is ideally fat-free. The cream is mixed with fromage frias to improve the flavor. The cream increases the fat content of the cheese by 9%. The Fromage Frias cheese can be used as a dessert or in savory dishes. Proper care and caution are required to store this cheese temporarily or permanently.

How to store Fromage Frias?

Dairy products always have issues related to their storage. You desire a hack to store your cheese without getting it hard and molded? This article will provide you with all the necessary information, which can help you store the Fromage Frias cheese without being stressed about its hygiene and health. Use the following methods to store Fromage Frias cheese.

Using cheese paper and avoiding plastic wrapping

You might be confused about ‘avoiding plastic wrapping,’ but it’s a fact that using plastic wrapping to store cheese makes it go bad quickly. It is because cheese contains living organisms in it, so wrapping it in plastic suffocates the cheese, which results in foul smell, bad taste, and growth of harmful bacteria.

Using cheese paper instead of plastic wraps keeps the cheese ventilated. Thus it remains fresh, soft and free of bacterial influence.

Using oil Coating

To keep your Fromage Frias cheese mold-free, you can use a traditional method of preserving cheese by rubbing a thin layer of olive oil on the cheese surface. By this method, if mold builds, it will develop on the oil layer, and the cheese will remain uninfected. The oil layer can be wiped off using a paper towel, and your cheese is good to go.

In the refrigerator

Cheese remains fresh in the refrigerator. It provides the ideal habitat and temperature for the Fromage Frias cheese to remain fresh. However, it is important to keep in mind to place the cheese in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator rather than freezing it.

The soft cheese requires 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit to retain its natural appearance and remain soft and fresh. Therefore, freezing it will make it hard and change its natural taste and appearance. Therefore, freezing the Fromage Frias cheese should be avoided.

Can you Freeze Fromage Frias Cheese?

Cheese can be frozen for extended life; however, it is not recommended to freeze Fromage Frias cheese given its curd nature, which means it contains a considerable moisture amount. The consequences of freezing Fromage Frias are the loss of quality in the textures and taste of cheese.

Given the cons of freezing soft curd-like cheese, it is wise not to freeze Fromage Frias; rather, it is beneficial to keep the cheese in the refrigerator, thus retaining its quality, taste, and texture. Fromage Frias offers the best quality when consumed earlier.

How long does the Fromage Frias cheese Last?

The life span of Fromage Frias cheese without going bad is highly dependent on the habitat in which it is kept. At room temperature, Fromage Frias cheese has a life span of 1-2 days, depending on the season.

During winters, due to low room temperature, the life span of Fromage Frias cheese can extend to 3 days; meanwhile, during summers, due to high room temperature and humidity, this duration might contract to half a day.

The life span of Fromage Frias cheese can be extended immensely by placing it inside a refrigerator. A refrigerator provides an ideal habitat for Fromage Frias cheese in terms of temperature, in which it can last up to 8-10 days without losing its good quality and natural attributes.

Fromage Frias can last up to 3-3.5 months if frozen. However, the quality of cheese after freezing reduces tremendously.

How to tell if Fromage Fries Cheese is Bad?

Some certain indications and symptoms allow you to notice if your Fromage Frias cheese has gone bad. These symptoms have been pointed out below.

  • One of the major symptoms that your Fromage Frias cheese has gone bad is the increment of your cheese’s water content. The cheese becomes watery. If this symptom appears, the cheese is no longer useable and should be thrown away.
  • The appearance of moss or mold on a segment of the cheese is another indication that micro-organisms like bacteria have successfully invaded that part of Fromage Frias cheese. Cut off or separate that part of the cheese, and the rest of the cheese is good to go.
  • Alternations in the texture of the cheese, along with the change in the odor of Fromage Frias cheese, show that harmful bacteria now own your cheese, so it cannot be used.