Does Flowering Cabbage Go Bad

Does Flowering Cabbage Go Bad?

Flowering cabbage, also known as kale, belongs to the same species of cauliflower and broccoli. It is used a lot in garnishes and culinary settings. It is found all around the globe. People who love cabbage will surely love flowering cabbage as well.

If you do not have enough information about flowering cabbage, a question may arise in your mind, does flower cabbage go bad? Like other vegetables and fruits, flowering cabbage also has a specific lifetime, after which it goes bad.

If you are looking for some helpful information about flowering cabbage, then you are at the right place. This article will help you a lot in gaining information about flowering cabbage.

How to Store Flowering Cabbage?

Buying too many vegetables can be tricky sometimes because you have to store them properly to keep them fresh for a long period. This article briefly explains the storage and shelf life of flowering cabbage.

Like other vegetables, it is very important to store flowering cabbage not to go bad very quickly. If you need help regarding the storage guidelines for flowering cabbage, go through some important storage guidelines that are mentioned below in this article.

Keep in the refrigerator

The first thing you need to do after taking flowering cabbage to your home is to put it in the fridge. It is not good to store the flowering cabbage at room temperature. It needs a cool and dark place to stay fresh, and the refrigerator provides a suitable environment for flowering cabbage.

It will be best to keep the flowering cabbage in a bag before putting it in the fridge. Moreover, you should always store the cooked flowering cabbage in the fridge too.

Avoid washing it

It will be best to wash the flowering cabbage only when you want to use it. It is not a good idea to wash it before storing it in the fridge. Otherwise, it will affect the texture of flowering cabbage and will make it softer and mushier.

Keep the airflow steady

There are a few things to keep in mind before storing the flowering cabbage in the refrigerator. As I have mentioned above that, you should keep it in the bad. But make sure that you have not sealed the bag tightly.

Flowering cabbage requires a steady airflow to breathe. You can also leave some holes open that will help in providing a steady airflow.

Transfer to the crisper drawer

Not usually, but most of the time, it happens that the flowering cabbage starts to freeze in the fridge. If this happens to you, then don’t take it out of the fridge. Instead of that, transfer it to the fridge’s crisper drawer, where the temperature is a bit warmer. And you can also adjust the thermostat.

You can also use paper towels if you want to fix the moisture issues.

Can You Freeze Flowering Cabbage?

For storing flowering cabbage for a long time, freezing is a good option. Freezer helps a lot in retaining the quality and freshness of vegetables. But freezing affects the texture of flowering cabbage.

So, we recommend you freeze the cooked flowering cabbage or blanch the leaves before storing them in the freezer. Pre freezing is required before storing it permanently in the freezer. After that, you should transfer it to the freezer bags or airtight containers. Put it in the freezer for long-term storage.

How Long Does Flowering Cabbage Last?

Flowering cabbage, like other vegetables, is not a shelf-stable veggie. Its shelf life depends on the storage conditions. If you have followed the guidelines mentioned above properly to store your flowering cabbage, it will last for a long time.

A fresh flowering cabbage bag will last up to ten days. Once the bag is opened, the shelf life of the remaining will start to decrease. It will be best for you to finish it within five days or store them in the freezer.

Fresh flowering cabbage can last up to five days in the refrigerator, and cooked flowering cabbage can retain its freshness for only three days. If you have bought a bag of flowering cabbage, it will last until the date mentioned.

How to Tell If Flowering Cabbage Is Bad?

Vegetables go bad very quickly if you do not store them properly. If you are not confident to tell whether your flowering cabbage is bad or not, you should look for some signs to tell whether it is fresh or not.

  • Check the leaves carefully to see if there are any dark spots. If you see any dark spots on the leaves, it indicates that the vegetables are not fresh and have gone bad. It will be best for you to discard them.
  • The discoloration is another common sign of spoilage. If flowering cabbage starts to lose its color or turns pale yellow, then it is not fresh.
  • If the leaves get softer and soggy, you should not use them because they are not fresh.