Does Flaxseed Go Bad?

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You may be celiac or allergic to gluten, and you are looking for an option to expand your diet menu. In your search, you end up finding Flaxseed, and you learn that it is a seed from a plant that has great health benefits and quinoa and chia.

Due to the fats, it contains, its vitamins, and its versatility, it has multiple uses, either as flour or as a source of oil. It can be mixed into different foods to get its benefits when eating them. You may already know this, and now you are interested in getting Flaxseed for yourself, but you don’t know how long it lasts or how to store it, don’t worry, we will teach you all you need to know about it.

How to store Flaxseed

When you get your flaxseeds, you should not neglect them because you must take certain measures to keep them in good condition. In this way, they will be preserved to make use of them as time passes, and you have them stored without fear of damage.

As we mentioned earlier, Flaxseed looks like quinoa and chia, so you can similarly store them. So you don’t have to worry about following some complicated procedure as this is not rocket science.

Luckily, the linseed shell acts as an almost impenetrable shield for common problems; That is why if you keep your whole linseed, it will be easier to store it. Room temperature is a safe option for storing Flaxseed if it is complete.

If you grind the Flaxseed to make flour with it, you must take extra precautions. What you must do in this case to keep it in good condition can be summarized in a list with the following activities:

Keep it sealed

You can buy Flaxseed in flour form in case you don’t want to grind it yourself. When you open it, you should bear in mind that the packaging is not usually sealable, so you should take care of that and look for a container or a freezer bag where you can store it hermetically.

Keep it in a good place

Once your Flaxseed is in flour form, you should not leave it anywhere, and you have to make sure you use the right place to store it. The ideal place should be cool but dry and also should not be a dark place. The pantry will be your best ally in this situation.

Keep it away from heat

You must remember that linseed is characterized by having a certain degree of oil. Therefore high temperatures for a long time can harm it, and it becomes necessary to avoid storing it near heat sources or directly exposed to the sunlight.

You can refrigerate the Flaxseed to keep it in good condition for a longer period as long as you have stored it in an airtight container or a freezer bag. It will prevent odors or essences that other foods affect your Flaxseed.

If you follow every one of these instructions to the letter, you will be able to keep your Flaxseed in good condition long enough so that you can use it all and add as many dishes as you like.

Can You Freeze Flaxseed?

When it comes to long-term preservation, freezing is usually the ideal option. Luckily, Flaxseed is suitable to be frozen, extending its duration for at least one year.

The process to freeze the Flaxseed is practically the same as the process to refrigerate it. You only need to have a good airtight container, a freezer bag. Once you have poured everything into these, you can store the Flaxseed in the freezer immediately.

Long Does Flaxseed Last

As we mentioned earlier, because Flaxseed has a shell that protects it from various elements that can be harmful when stored, it is prone to having a long life.

Flaxseed usually comes in packages, and these packages come with labels indicating the date on which its freshness reaches its limit. Once Flaxseed passes this deadline, it is still possible to consume it, but it will not have the same flavor as fresh Flaxseed.

About how long Flaxseed can last in good condition depends on its packaging. If it is open, it can last six months. If it is closed, it can last a year. If you grind the Flaxseed to make flour, it will last about three months in good condition as long as you refrigerate it.

How to Tell If Flaxseed Is Bad

By this point, it should be clear that linseed has a long life due to its shell. It does not mean that it remains in good condition indefinitely. After all, it is a perishable product like many others.

For the whole Flaxseed only way to know if it has gone bad is to taste it. You must be attentive to the taste you perceive. If it is unpleasant either because it is rotten or bitter, then you must discard it.

In Flaxseed’s case that it has been ground into flour. You have to pay attention to details such as mold growth, lumps, and bad odor. If your linseed has any of these characteristics, don’t risk consuming it and discard it immediately.


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