Does Fish Sauce Go Bad?

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You can have a meeting at your house, and someone has the idea of making lunch with seafood. Everyone says it would be delicious, and then you start gathering what you need to cook it. You carry out your plans and end up with the fish sauce leftover.

It turns out that you are not a person who usually cooks fish very often, and you keep the fish sauce for a couple of weeks. You finally end up asking yourself: am I saving it well? Was it spoiled?

If you have questions like this, then you have come to the right place because you will find everything you need to know about it.

How to store Fish Sauce?

Fortunately, fish sauce is not something exotic and delicate that you have to worry too much about. It can be the same as other types of sauces such as teriyaki or even soy sauce to be stored similarly.

Sauces of this type require that you follow a series of rules so that they can be kept in good condition. Otherwise, the chances that they end up spoiling would be greater. What you must do to be able to store the fish sauce properly for a long time can be summarized in the following:

Keep it sealed.

The seal of any container or bottle is what allows its contents to remain in good condition. Fish sauce is no exception to this rule. Once you have opened your fish sauce for the first time, you should make sure to keep it closed when not in use so that it does not become contaminated with anything.

Find a suitable place.

The fish sauce also requires you to take the precaution of finding a suitable place to store it. Ideally, it should be a cool, dark, and dry place, and the pantry should do this well.

Keep it away from heat.

Although fish sauce can keep well at room temperature if exposed to heat sources, its quality integrity can be compromised and will inevitably decline. One of the options you have available to store fish sauce is to refrigerate it, and it is not necessary since it can be kept perfectly well at room temperature.

Sometimes the labels may indicate that refrigeration can extend the duration of the best quality of its flavor. However, even then, it is still not necessary to keep it in good condition.

Can You Freeze Fish Sauce?

Generally, when you freeze foods, they tend to significantly extend the time they stay in good condition. With this knowledge in mind, you might consider freezing your fish sauce as, luckily, it is an option.

You can get to store your fish sauce in the freezer. Remember that you cannot store this liquid if it is full because it can break the bottle. You can also freeze the mixes you have made with the fish sauce, depending on your ingredients.

How Long Does Fish Sauce Last

The fish sauce has a particular characteristic that allows it to enjoy a long duration. It is high sodium content, thanks to this element, the fish sauce can last several years in good condition, although on the other hand, its flavor will fade over time.

In general, most consumable products carry a label that indicates a deadline for the quality has. In the case of fish sauce, even after that date has passed, it will still retain its flavor and quality for at least three years.

Concerning exact periods of the duration of the fish sauce in its best quality, it can be estimated that if it has not been opened, it can last what the bottle indicates plus a year, once you open the bottle, you can have lasted for six months at room temperature and one year if refrigerated.

How to Tell If Fish Sauce Is Bad

As we have already explained previously, fish sauce has properties that prevent it from spoiling easily, which is why it is unlikely that it will damage by itself. The only reason that could cause a situation where the fish sauce gets in bad condition is through the intrusion of polluting agents inside the container where the liquid is kept.

Something that happens to the fish sauce is that crystals sometimes form on the bottom, but these are generated due to the salt it has, and it is part of a completely normal and harmless process. Small accumulations of the fish sauce elements can also resemble small lumps; these are not indicators of bad condition. They are the result of the reaction to changes in temperature as time passes.

The only possible reason you might find your fish sauce spoiled is that mold has grown inside the bottle. If that’s the case, then discard it immediately. You should never consume any food or condiment that could harm you in any way.


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