Does Feta Go Bad

Does Feta Cheese Go Bad?

Feta cheese is a salty white cheese originating in Greece. This cheese is cured in brine, and this is the reason why it has its characteristic flavor. Originally it was conceived by the use of goat’s milk and sometimes sheep’s milk, sometimes mare’s milk was also used. Today’s commercial feta cheese is made from cow’s milk.

Feta cheese can be used for different dishes such as Greek salads and pizzas, for example. Since feta cheese is not recognized for being a long-lived food, it is recommended that you buy the exact amount you will use.

In case you have some feta cheese leftovers, if you don’t take good care of them, they will spoil. That is why we dedicate this article to teach you about its duration and preservation time.

How to store Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is characterized by being cured in brine. For this reason, it differs from other types of cheeses in taste and other aspects such as its preservation. As a general rule for cheeses and all types of dairy products, they should be stored in the refrigerator because they need low temperatures to stay in good condition. Otherwise, they will most likely spoil.

When you go to the market, you can find the feta cheese in two presentations, in whole blocks or crumbled into small pieces. Just because they are different does not mean that they need different ways to preserve them because they are technically the same. You can summarize everything you need to do to store feta cheese in these guidelines:

Seal them

Feta cheese comes in packages made to open and be used immediately; they are not intended to be resealed. To keep them sealed, you must use an airtight container or a freezer bag. These will ensure that your feta cheese stays good when you refrigerate it. It should be noted that this method only preserves it for a few days.

Freeze it

In case you want to store your feta cheese for a longer amount of time, what you should do is immerse it in brine in an airtight container, seal it and then freeze it.

If your feta cheese becomes very salty due to the preservation method with brine, you should not despair. You should let the feta cheese soak in a little normal water so that after half an hour, it has a more pleasant flavor.

If you can keep the feta cheese in brine and freeze it when necessary, you will be able to extend the duration in which you can consume it for a couple of days, which will leave you to use it for your dishes until then.

Can You Freeze Feta Cheese?

The freezing method is the preferred way to extend the time a food can be consumed considerably. Although it is not a perfect method because it does not work with all foods, it is the most reliable you can count on.

As we mentioned earlier, freezing feta cheese is one of the most effective ways to extend its shelf life for a good couple of days where you won’t have to worry about it losing quality or spoiling.

How Long Does Feta Cheese Last

Feta cheese may differ from other cheeses due to brine, but like these, it does not usually have a very long duration. It is why you should pay attention even when the deadline is approaching.

Usually, when you go to the stores, you can get the feta cheese in a package that will have a label that will indicate the date on which it will be kept in its best condition and there at home to recommend it to be consumed. Still, due to the seal and in the brine, it will be able to stay in good condition for at least another month.

The previous situation applies only to feta cheeses sealed. Once they are opened, the protection they used to have disappears. When you have your feta cheese open in an airtight container, it will only last about a week if it does not have brine. In case it does, it can last up to a full month.

How to Tell If Feta Cheese Is Bad

Feta cheese can last a couple of weeks, so when it approaches the deadline when its quality begins to fade, you should be on the lookout because it can spoil quickly.

You should pay attention to the characteristics of feta cheese. It is generally white and smooth, salty, and has a slightly spicy scent. If you see mold on the surface of the feta cheese or some dark area in the cheese or brine, or if it also has an acid smell, then you should discard it.

In case your feta cheese does not have any of these characteristics, then everything is fine, and you can continue using it in any dish or recipe with which its flavor integrates well.


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