Does Etrog Go Bad

Does Etrog Go Bad?

Etrog is a delicious citrus fruit. It adds brightness and flavor to many dishes. The fruit is very popular among the Jews. It grows well in subtropical climates.

Etrog is a very pulpy and juicy fruit. It resembles a lemon but is comparatively larger. It has a shiny surface and an acidic flavor. It can be used to make delicious jellies, jams and, amazing bakery products. Being a citrus fruit, it is an important part of refreshing summer drinks.

Etrog is a delicate fruit. Unluckily, it won’t last forever if left unprotected. How long does it last, then? How can you increase its shelf life? If any of these questions pop up in your mind, this article is for you.

How to store Etrog?

Like all other fruits, Etrog can be stored easily and effectively. Any fruit tends to go bad if stored for a very long time period; the same is true for Etrog.

Etrog has a short shelf life. It must be used within a brief time period. The fruit lasts longer if provided with the required temperature and moisture conditions. Below is a list of the important methods of storing Etrog

Keep away from sunlight

Etrog is sensitive to high temperatures. It should be placed in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. Your kitchen pantry or closet is a good place for short-term storage of the fruit.


Your refrigerator is indeed the best place for long-term storage. The fruit can be wrapped in a plastic bag or aluminum foil. It is then placed in the fridge drawer. You should wrap the fruit tightly to prevent t entry of air. This will prevent the fruit from losing its moisture.

If stored well, Etrog can maintain its flavor and freshness for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Continue reading the article to know more about the other important methods of storage.

Can you freeze Etrog?

Freezing is the most desirable method for storing Etrog for a long. Frozen fruit is easy to handle after thawing. It is ready-to-going and can be used in any kind of dish.

The best part about freezing the fruit is that freezing can keep it fresh for four months. The following steps can help you freeze Etrog in the easiest way.

  • Wash the fruit thoroughly to remove any dirt particles.
  • Freeze it as a whole or cut it into small pieces.
  • If cut, place the cut slices on a freezer tray and freeze until frozen. This prevents the slices from sticking together.
  • Now place the frozen pieces in a plastic bag.
  • Remove extra air from the bag. This prevents the fruit from going bad

To thaw the fruit, keep it at room temperature for ten to fifteen minutes.

How long does Etrog last?

The shelf life of Etrog depends upon the storage methods and conditions. While buying the fruit, choose the freshest variety available. Beware of discolored and moldy variety of Etrog. The fresher the fruit, the longer it will last.

On the kitchen counter, it stays fresh for two weeks. If kept in a cold cabinet, it lasts few days longer. If properly refrigerated, it can be expected to last for about three to eight weeks.

Lastly, freezing is the most efficient technique to prolong the shelf life of Etrog. Well-sealed frozen Etrog lasts for about a period of four months. This is great news. Isn’t it?

How to tell if Etrog has gone bad?

If not stored well, fruits tend to go bad very quickly. The same is true for the citrus fruit- Etrog. When Etrog goes bad, it loses all of its properties and is no longer good to eat.

You can notice the early signs of the fruit going bad. In that case, throw away the fruit. Following indications will help you confirm if your Etrog has gone bad.

  • Loss of the usual greenish-yellow color and the smooth texture of the fruit.
  • The appearance of molds and unusual spots on the skin.
  • A bad smell and an unpleasant taste in contrast to the original tart flavor

If you notice any such signs, you need to discard your fruits at the earliest. The rotten fruit can create a bad aroma in your refrigerator, which is very unwanted.

Proper storage methods can prevent the fruit from going bad. It stays fresh and is protected from molds. You can thus enjoy it for a long.

Etrog is an excellent source of vitamin C. It is an important addition to high-energy citrus juices. The fruit also contains fiber which is a bonus for good health.

Etrog has gained popularity among the family of citrus fruits for many years. You can buy it in bulk during your routine grocery tours to store it for later use. This will help you enjoy this wonderful gift of nature for a long.