Does Epoisses Go Bad?

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Epoisses is a soft and creamy cheese that originated in France. It is a French word. It is made from cow’s milk which can be either used fresh or pasteurized. It has a very unique and different flavour. If you are looking for some sweet and spicy mix flavour, then go for epoisses.

Epoisses has a sugary, sour and luscious taste. It is so juicy and full of flavour. It has a very smooth, velvety and firm texture with an attractive red-orange colour. The question that may pop up in your mind is that whether epoisses goes bad or not? Yes, it can go bad if not stored in the right way. Don’t worry! We are here to inform you about the ways for its storage and also its amazing health benefits. So, carry on reading our article.

How to store epoisses?

One of the amazing benefits of epoisses is that it is a good source of calcium. It makes your bones and teeth strong. It also provides you with protein, and we all know how much proteins are important in our diet. There are many ways to store the epoisses properly. Some of them are mentioned right below.

Use Cheese paper

It is the best way to store epoisses. Use the cheese paper; it will keep the epoisses fresh for a longer period. Cheese paper is a simple paper lined with wax on both sides. Wax shields the cheese from an excess of moisture and keeps it fresh.

First, you have to enclose the epoisses in cheese paper. Better to do a double wrap, then place it in the plastic container. Your container should be lined with a wet paper towel. Now, put the lid on the container.

Store in Refrigerator

If you don’t want to eat and finish your epoisses right now, then no worries. Yes, another way to store the epoisses is to keep them in the refrigerator. You can use some airtight jar or container for this. Keep the epoisses in the jar and store them in the refrigerator.

Keep the temperature constant

A good technique to keep your epoisses fresh is to keep the temperature constant. Fluctuations can damage epoisses quicker than expected. The ideal temperature that is recommended for storage is 35 to 40 F.

You can simply keep the epoisses in the drawer or cabinet where the temperature is suitable. Isn’t this a simple and easy way to store your delicious epoisses!

Can you freeze epoisses?

Epoisses is a rich source of vitamin B12, which promotes your mental health. It also helps to boost up your immune system. An incredible fact about epoisses is that it prevents you from getting a cavity. Isn’t it great!

It is better not to freeze the epoisses as it may change their texture and flavour. But if you are a cheese lover and are sure that you will crave it in the offseason, then go and freeze it. It is safe. Yes! You can freeze it and enjoy it anytime later.

All you have to do is cut it into small pieces, then put them in some airtight jar or container. You can also use a freezer bag instead. Now, place it in the freezer. Remember that you need to thaw the epoisses in the fridge before consuming them.

How long does epoisses last?

Hey! If you want to build your muscles and give some superman looks, then go for epoisses. It helps to make your muscles strong. It is a good source of fats as well. Eating a good quantity of epoisses aids in lowering your high blood pressure.

The shelf life of epoisses is about four to five weeks. If you have stored the epoisses in the refrigerator, then here it will last for seven to fourteen days. For the freezer, it will last for eight months.

How to tell if epoisses is bad?

One of the interesting facts about epoisses is that their rind is edible. You can eat it and enjoy its mild vinegary taste. It is up to you whether you like to eat it or not. You can enjoy the epoisses with a piece of bread or make some delicious dish with it. You can bake it as well.

The question you may want to know after learning amazing things about epoisses is how to tell if it goes bad? It is quite easy and simple. Just remember the few points mentioned below.

  • The first and very clear identification that your epoisses has gone bad is the presence of blue or green spots. It shows mold growth, and it is not safe to eat.
  • If you notice any foul or bad smell coming from your cheese, then don’t consume it.
  • If you see any black or dark brown spots over epoisses, then it has gone bad. You should not eat it.