Does Ensete Go Bad

Does Ensete Go Bad?

Ensete is a tropical plant, commonly known as Ethiopian Banana, false Banana, pseudo-banana, and Ensete ventricosum. Originally it is found in Ethiopian rain forests on mountains. It is one of the species of the banana family. It possesses wide and long leaves, similar to traditional banana trees.

Amico, Bulla, and Kocho are some of the famous dishes made of Ensete. There is a lot of medical usage of Ensete as well. Its leaves and stem are used for the treatment of miscarriage and liver-related issues. Its seeds are used to obtain fiber and make rosaries and necklaces.

How to Store Ensete

After all the benefits and usage of this species, you may plan to grow it in your house or buy it from a grocery store to eat. But having the fruit its self is not enough. Storing it in the form of fruit or plant requires some special attention and ways to store it.

The methods of storage are important to follow; otherwise, you cannot last your Ensete longer. Here are the few storage methods we will discuss, so read through the article to know more.

Keep in Sheltered Sunny Position

You should keep the plant in a sheltered sunny position for its proper nourishment.

Keep Soil Moist

This plant nourishes well in tropical areas; thus, it needs a lot of water to grow and nourish well. Keep special attention on the moisture of the soil.

Keep at Room Temperature

Ensete bananas are a tropical fruit which means they cannot handle a very cold environment well. Keep green or unripe bananas at room temperature by wrapping them in the paper, not in the fridge, especially when they do not fully ripen.

Keep in Refrigerator

After the Banana is ripe, you want to store it for a couple of days without getting spoiled. You may refrigerate it. The peel of the Ensete banana will get black like other banana species, but the flesh inside will remain good.

Freeze it

Even if you want to store your Ensete Banana for a very long period, you can freeze it. But make sure it is packed in an airtight sealed bag and kept at a constant temperature.

Keep Airtight

Keep your Ensete in the airtight container or zip-sealed bag. Keeping it peeled off and exposed to air will decrease its shelf life and turn it dry.

Can You Freeze Ensete

Freezing can last any fruit for seasons, so does Ensete. Yes, you can freeze Ensete, but few things you should have to take care of.

The first thing is that peel the Banana and then freeze it, whether as a whole banana or cut it into slices. The reason for freezing it without peel is that when you thaw it, the peel will leave its bitter water and spoil the flesh’s taste.

You can freeze your Ensete Banana for as long as you want, but the study shows that it can retain its freshness and taste for almost three months.

How Long Does Ensete Last

Ensete is a tropical fruit that can survive every kind of weather but difficult to retain its texture in a cold environment. Thus it is suggested not to refrigerate it unless it ripens completely and its peel turns from green to yellow.

Normally unripe Ensete lasts long until it is fully ripe and afterward until the flesh gets dark brown. The shelf life of ripening Ensete is approximately 2-7 days.

If you store Ensete in the refrigerator, it can last for 2-9 days. It all depends on the fruit’s condition and the method of storage, which make Ensete last long or short.

Freezing Ensete can make it last for very long. It can last for almost three months while frozen.  But if you store it in a sealed bag and at a constant 0-degree temperature, studies show that it can last for years.

How To Tell If Ensete Is Bad

The flesh of Ensete is soft, which makes its shelf life shorter as compared to other fruits. You will notice when you buy Ensete from the store, the expiry dates are mentioned on the packet, which normally does not exceed seven days. That means it can go bad in a short time.

If you are growing the Ensete plant, you should take care of it like other tropical plants. Ensete’s plant and its fruit can both go bad under the circumstances. We will tell you few indications which can tell you if your Ensete is bad or still retain its freshness.

  • Appearance: The rotten Ensete will turn its peel black, and flesh will get dark brown. Ensete will start leaking juice, which is the indication that your Ensete is bad now.
  • Mold: When the leaves and their fruit will start growing mold, it is a spoilage sign.
  • Smell: The spoiled Banana will start producing a pungent smell.