Does English Cheddar Go Bad

Does English Cheddar Go Bad?

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Cheddar is the most popular type of cheese in the United Kingdom, while second most popular in the US. It is made of unpasteurized cow’s milk which is hard in texture. It was originally produced in a small village in the UK named Cheddar Somerset. It is different from other cheeses in how it is produced.

Cheddar is used in burgers, wraps, and many kinds of fast and continental foods. It is rich in calcium due to cattle’s milk. Moreover, it is also a good source of vitamin A and vitamin K, which eventually is very good for the bones’ health.

How to Store English Cheddar

Cheddar is one of the famous food types in the world which is made of milk. It can be used in fast foods to increase their taste or eaten as it is. If you want to store cheddar, whether in your home or commercially, you would wonder which is the best possible method to store your cheddar safe and sound.

For that purpose, we will discuss few methods that will help you store your cheddar in healthy form and last its aroma and taste. Go through the article to know the methods.

Keep in Low Temperature

Keeping cheddar at low temperatures is necessary, as it can not survive in warm temperatures. If it is exposed to heat for a couple of hours, it can spoil and get molded very fast. So the best way to keep it healthy is to keep it in a low-temperature environment.

Refrigerate It

If you want to keep your cheddar cheese for a long period, you can keep it in the refrigerator. Doing so will increase its shelf life.

Freeze It

If you want to store your cheddar for a longer period, freezing is one of the best methods to use.

Keep in Airtight Packaging

Air can dehydrate cheese very fast, which eventually can deteriorate cheese and spoil its taste. So always keep your cheddar in an airtight zipped bag or sealed container. You can also wrap it in cling film.

Away from Moisture

Remember that your cheese should not be exposed to moisture as moisture will change the taste and texture of the cheese much faster. So make sure your hands are always dry when you handle your cheddar cheese.

Away from Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight or any artificial light which can warm cheese will eventually spoil it.

Can You Freeze English Cheddar

If you want to use your English cheddar cheese for any purpose later in the future, you would like to know how you can store it so that it last to that time. For that reason, freezing cheddar is the best possible answer.

Yes, you can freeze it, but freezing will make it harder and can affect its texture. Freezing can make cheddar more breakable and harder to use. So after freezing, the best possible use of cheddar is cooking. Do not freeze cheddar in the form of big blocks; freeze in the form of small pieces, and not forget to wrap it in cling film.

How Long Does English Cheddar Last

Storing cheddar is not that hard, but making it last longer is a very important factor for home or commercial kitchens. You may be wondering that how long does your delicious English cheddar cheese can last. So it depends on how and where you are storing your cheese.

It can last at room temperature for almost 8 hours. Keep in mind that cheese cannot withstand heat or a warm environment. Your cheese may start dehydrating and getting stiff after four to five hours.

On the other hand, if you are keeping your cheddar cheese in the refrigerator, it can last for 3 to 4 weeks, do not forget to wrap it with clingfilm or keep it in an airtight bag or container before refrigerating it.

Freezing is the method that can make your English cheddar cheese last very long, for almost eight months.

How To Tell If English Cheddar Is Bad

Almost every cheese gets spoiled and deteriorates after its expiry time, but every cheese has its healthy duration. The expiry date is always mentioned on the packet of cheese when you buy it from the store. But sometimes, under certain circumstances, the cheese can go bad.

You should check for the indications to know if your cheddar is still good to go or not. For that purpose, we are mentioning few methods as follows.

  • Smell: If your cheddar starts producing a pungent smell, throw it.
  • Appearance: if you see the texture of cheese deteriorating and get green or blue color mold on its edges or dried out, you should consider buying new.
  • Taste: Sometimes, you cannot visually tell if your cheese is spoiled, so you have to check it by tasting it. You will be able to tell the clear difference between healthy and expired cheese. The spoiled cheese tastes sour and bitter.