Does Emu Apple Go Bad

Does Emu Apple Go Bad?

Emu apples, referred to by many names like muntries, native cranberries, Monterrey, mulberry, or Muntari, are shrubs with characteristic egg-shaped leaves, flowers spherical fruits that are edible.

Emu apples are used in various places for numerous uses. For instance, these serve as natural waxes to nourish our skins and are better antioxidants than blueberries. Their taste is like that of crunchy spicy apples. Emu apples also go bad like ordinary apples when they surpass their shelf life, so an insight into storing them is essential, so the shelf life gets maximized.

How To Store Emu Apple

Emu apples have a wide range of applications besides just eating and are used thoroughly in making cosmetics. These are healthy, nutritious fruits undoubtedly, so you may consider storing them to prepare your skin masks or for eating purposes whatsoever.

So how can you store and preserve the stock of your cranberries or emu apples so that you allow more time to make their freshness and quality retained? How can you do that in particular so that you can use them more often in numerous places?

To make the most of your stock of emu apples, you need to have proper know-how regarding their storage methods. In the article below, we will mention some techniques you may follow to increase your emu apples’ shelf life, which will help make your skin nourished and enjoy their benefits every time you come up with them.

Refrigerate Them

To help your emu apples reach their maximum shelf life for several weeks, keeping them refrigerated every time is a good option to go.

Wash Them

We all know how bad the leftover moisture is for our fruits.  Even a bit of moisture can cause our emu apples to go bad as it promotes bacterial growth on them and softens them.

The perfect choice that you will make is to wash them only when these have to be consumed straightaway.

Freeze Them

Emu apples may also be frozen to make them last up to 8 to 12 months. This option is good to proceed with if you intend to use them after a while.

Avoid Keeping in A Plastic Wrapper

Do not put emu apples in the refrigerator wrapped in a plastic bag as they may contain leftover moisture.

Can You Freeze Emu Apples

Freezing is a good enough preservation technique to make our meals last for longer. So the question to be dealt with now is can you freeze your emu apples to make them retain their freshness for longer or not?

When it comes to freezing emu apples, they may be frozen, yes, so that they may last for longer. Emu apples freeze well, and they maintain their texture and flavor up to 8 to 12 months approximately.

The emu apples may be transferred to plastic freezer bags or containers and then kept frozen once these are sealed.

How Long Do Emu Apples Last

How long do your emu apples last? The answer to that is a lot dependent on the conditions you provide rather than the expiry date mentioned on the can.

The shelf life of them varies with the conditions that are given to them. Certainly, with your frozen and refrigerated stock of emu apples, the shelf life will be comparatively greater, but how much greater will that be? Let’s find that out.

If kept at room temperature, these will usually last up to a few days lesser than a week, but for that which is kept refrigerated, all of the time will keep fresh up to 4 to 6 weeks maximum.

Those emu apples preserved by freezing will last up to more or less 8 to 12 months. If they contain any leftover moisture, these will then go bad readily either at the room or refrigerator’s temperature.

How To Tell If Emu Apples Have Gone Bad

Like any other ordinary fruit, emu apples may also be subjected to any bacterial attack, and hence they may spoil. By following us on the article, you will be able to figure out whether to bring them into your use or discard them.

We all are used to utilizing our senses to identify the spoilage of nearly all of our meals. However, these are not perfect sources of telling but are fair enough to help us out.

There are a few signs which will help you to know that your delicious emu apples have surpassed their shelf life and hence gone bad as a result. The methods are given below:

  • Smell: If you smell an odor coming from emu apples, these are not fit enough to consume.
  • Texture: Emu apples that are spoiling will become mushy and soft.
  • Appearance: Mold appearance and color deterioration is yet another confirmation of their spoilage.