Does Emmentaler Go Bad?

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Dairy products which we consume in your everyday life fall into many categories like milk, cheese, yoghurt etc. Cheese is also a dairy product and is of many types. Emmentaler or more commonly referred to as Emmentaler is a semi hard cheese attained from Swiss cow’s milk. It holds high levels of calcium as well as other minerals and fats in it.

It is characterized by walnut sized large holes. Its flavor varies from buttery to fruity, based upon its maturity. Similar to other ordinary cheeses, it may also go bad. Thus a grasp on storage methods of this cheese is a must.

How To Store Emmentaler Cheese

Not only the question of how to cook or utilize any meal or side ingredients of that meal must be familiar to you, but some other know-how regarding that, is also important for you to gain. Storage is also the prime thing to be dealt with.

We are used to consuming and then storing our meals for longer so that we don’t need to worry about buying or cooking them all over again. So what about the Emmentaler cheese which we are discussing in this piece of writing?

Using Emmentaler cheese and then storing it will help you to consume it by making it a part of many meals because of it’s perfect melting property. So without wasting any further time let’s get on to the point and learn ways of storing it.

Consider Refrigerating It

Refrigerating is a good approach to maximize it’s shelf life. For refrigerating it, you have to put it in wax or parchment paper.

Following that, keep that wrapped cheese inside a plastic container or zip close bag which will permit it to flow air across it.

It may also be refrigerated in an aluminum foil to help it last for longer.

Freeze It

Your stock of Emmentaler semi hard cheese can also be frozen to increase its shelf life. In order to freeze your chunk or block of emmental, you have to cut the cheese first into smaller pieces less than half pound in weight.

Once the cutting is done, wrap the pieces tightly using an aluminum foil or plastic freezer wrap. Or place those cut pieces into a heavy duty freezer bag which will help it to retain its quality for an even longer period of time.

Avoid Keeping At Room Temperature

Do not leave it at room temperature even mistakenly, it will deteriorate your cheese quickly.

Can You Freeze Emmentaler Cheese

Freezing is an ancient technique used for a number of years to preserve your food items. Whenever your priority is to store your food for a comparatively long time, freezing is opted so that the food doesn’t get affected by microbes.

So the question which arises now is that can you go for freezing your Emmentaler? Is the process worthy to be done?

Well yes freezing Emmentaler Cheese is a good option to adopt to store it for long. It is first cut into smaller pieces less than half a pound, and eventually transferred into an

aluminum foil or heavy duty freezer bag.

How Long Does Emmentaler Cheese Last

The one and only answer to how long will your Emmentaler cheese retain reliability in terms of quality is largely dependent on the storage conditions you provide to it as well as the quality of it when you purchase it. It does go bad after what certain time limit?

Emmentaler cheese is a semi hard cheese and is intermediate between hard and soft cheeses. It lasts more than soft and less than hard cheeses.

Emmentaler cheese packs will last up to different times under different conditions. Under the influence of room temperature it goes bad quickly because of bacterial or mold growth around it.

For that portion of your cheese kept in the refrigerator, it will usually remain at its best quality for up to minimum 3 and maximum 6 weeks. If frozen properly, the Emmentaler cheese will last up to 3 to 4 months with minimum change observed in it’s flavor.

How To Tell If Emmentaler Cheese Is Bad

It is better to keep an insight of the food item you wish to cook or even eat only. It is essential so that you don’t catch any disease after eating that particular food.

Although we can try our level best to store and preserve our food. But in case, if it even gets affected, we must be familiar with the signs of it’s spoilage.

Well your senses are a primary source of telling you about the spoilage of any of your meals. Let’s see some of the signs of spoilage of your Emmentaler.

  • Smell: If smelling your cheese gives you an off odor, it is a clear indication of it’s spoilage.
  • Texture: If the cheese gets hard at its edges, it also clearly indicates it’s spoilage.
  • Appearance: If mold appears on it, it has gone bad from that region so cut the portion around it and then restore it.