Does Emblic Go Bad

Does Emblic Go Bad?

Emblic, also known as Indian gooseberry, is an edible fruit usually grown in South Asian countries. The taste of emblic is sour and bitter, and it is fibrous. It is used to make effective medicines. It is also used to treat high cholesterol levels, control cancer, heartburn, diarrhea, and nausea, but there is no evidence for that in scientific terms.

Indian gooseberry or emblic may go bad just like any other berry. Though it may go bad, there are some techniques which you may follow to store and preserve it so that it will last longer.

How To Store Emblic

Emblic is a sweet and sour kind of fruit that can be eaten raw with salt sprinkled on it either or with red chili powder, which will enhance the taste and thus easier to consume the fruit.

So how can you store your Indian gooseberry or amla in particular so that you will be able to enjoy the sour taste and sweetness of the fruit with your favorite spices sprinkled on it?

We will mention some storage techniques to make it easy for you all so that you will be able to keep it well for a long time. Let’s get started and learn a few storage methods to preserve your Indian gooseberry without wasting any further time.

Keep Them Refrigerated

If you intend to store your gooseberries for a short period, consider refrigerating them; even after refrigerating, these need to be consumed relatively quickly.

If you do not wash your gooseberries and keep them inside a sealed container, these will last up to a week. Washing it just before eating will help it to be devoid of moisture.

Freeze Them

There are either ways to freeze them to make them last longer. The first is to dry pack them.

You can also lay them on the tray, freeze for about 8 hours and then keep them in a sealed container. Also, you can syrup pack them.

Another method is to sugar pack them. Add sugar and continue stirring until it is dissolved and then freeze them.

Keep Them in Can

If you want to last them longer, you can opt for canning them up to a year. Canning is done by boiling them with sugar and simply canning them later.

Can You Freeze Emblic

Out of many methods which we may adopt to store our meals, freezing is also the one. Freezing your eatables is encouraged only if they maintain their quality and when you wish to store them in longer terms.

If we talk about whether emblic may be frozen or not, then yes, it may be frozen. Freezing gooseberries is recommended for long-term storage.

This purpose can be achieved by dry freezing. It may also be kept first in a tray in the refrigerator and later put in a freezer bag. You can also sugar pack by stirring to let the sugar crystals dissolve first and then freeze.

How Long Does Emblic Last

For how long is emblic going to last? The precise answer to that lies only in the storage conditions. If it is properly looked after, it will last longer than usual.

The shelf life of gooseberries is different under the influence of different conditions which are provided to them. Hence the role of various factors accountable for their shelf life cannot be neglected.

Let’s get a brief description of those factors and what they have to do with shelf life. At room temperature, these will stay well up to a few days.

Provided with refrigeration at every instant will cause the shelf life to maximize up to a week approximately. If kept in the freezer, the berries will keep well up to six months.

Canning is the most reliable method for storing your emblic for even longer terms. Canned emblic will last up to a year for as long as it is sealed.

How To Tell If Emblic Has Gone Bad

Emblic or gooseberries are pretty good fruits and do not disappoint with the flavor they give. But they can upset you when their shelf life is reached, and therefore, they will not be good to consume after that.

How are you going to figure out that your delicious gooseberries have gone bad and lost their quality? Following just below, you will get to know the signs of their spoilage so that you may get familiar and take care of it the next time.

  • Texture: Spoiled gooseberries become soft.
  • Appearance: Mold growth is yet another sign which confirms their spoilage.
  • Smell: If a foul smell is there, discard them.
  • Juice Leakage: Juice leakage too tells you that the berry has gone bad and must be replaced.
  • Taste: If your taste buds tell you that the taste has varied much and has transformed into an undesirable one, throw them immediately.