Does Elephant Apple Go Bad

Does Elephant Apple Go Bad?

Elephant apple is mostly grown in India to Vietnam. Elephant apple is also known as Dillenia Indica. It is known as elephant apple because it is very much liked by wild elephants. It is green in color whose tree can grow up to 15 meters high.

Elephant apples are known for their use in making jams and cuisine. Elephant apples are very beneficial for kidneys, blood pressure, and anxiety. Like all other fruits, elephant apples also have an expiry date. You can tell a spoiled elephant apple following visual, smell, and taste. Here we will discuss the storage and spoilage of elephant apples.

How To Store Elephant Apple

Elephant apples are used in different delicacies, because of which elephant apples need proper storage method. There are different storage methods used to preserve the fruit for a longer period.

Room Temperature

At room temperature, the elephant apple remains fresh for about a week and a half. You should take care not to keep the sliced fruit in the open air because the bacterial formation starts to rotten the fruit.

The apple peel is sour in flavor and helps the fruit to prevent it from environmental changes. Without peel, you can see that your fruit will begin to rotten in a day.


Refrigeration is the best way to store your fruit at your home. You can keep your fruit fresh for a longer period. However, without peel, the life may decrease but is still higher than the life time at room temperature.

You can easily place your apples in a bucket and place them in the refrigerator. You can wash your fruit but make sure to dry it before placing it into the refrigerator.


Freezing your fruit can increase its life for a couple of months. You can either place your fruit in a plastic bag and freeze them or you can slice the fruit and then place them in the freezer. It is preferred to freeze the fruit without slicing. It will not only increase its life but also have a minimum effect on the taste of the fruit.


Some people pluck the fruit from the tree and are exported or stored unripped. The fruit is then wrapped into layers of newspaper in which gets ready in about 2 weeks. Unripped elephant fruit is also used to make pickles.

You can place the unripped elephant apples in a cool, dark, and dry place, probably in your cellar for later use.

Can You Freeze Elephant Apple

Yes, you can freeze the elephant apple. There are different approaches to freeze the elephant apple. One way is to freeze the peel and the fruit separately which will be used later in dishes. Later the peel can be used in jam-making or other cuisines. The fruit will last longer when frozen.

It is recommended not to take peel when you are freezing the fruit instead you should freeze the whole fruit. Storing fruit separately will affect the texture and taste of the fruit. You can place the fruit in a plastic bag and place it directly in the refrigerator.

How Long Does Elephant Apple Last

Elephant fruit expiry depends on the storage we are using to store it. At room temperature, the life of an elephant apple depends on the state you have stored it in. A completely ripped elephant apple will last for one week only, but an unripped elephant apple will expire in 3 whole weeks.

Make sure not to store the elephant fruits sliced or it will decrease the life of the fruit. People also make use of root cellars to store the fruit which can make it last for about a month if properly wrapped into newspapers.

For longer storage, the elephant fruit is usually placed in the refrigerator or freezer. In the freezer, if proper conditions are meet an elephant fruit can last for about 2 weeks. However, for very long use, people use freezers to store the fruit which can then last for 4 – 6 months.

How To Tell If Elephant Apple Is Bad

Like all other fruits, you can easily tell if an elephant apple has got rotten by looking for the visual traits, smelling the fruit, and ultimately tasting it. Following are some features to look for to point to a rotten elephant apple.

  • Appearance: The peel of the elephant fruit will have grayish or dark green spots on it. You can feel that the elephant apple will have soft regions. On cutting the apple you will see the rotten flesh which will change the internal color of the fruit from white to brown.
  • Smell: A rotten elephant fruit will have a strong foul rotten smell like apples. If you sense such a smell simply discard the fruit.
  • Taste: By looking and smelling the fruit if you see such signs of rotten then do not taste fruit, discard it otherwise it is safe to eat.