Does Elder Go Bad

Does Elder Flower Go Bad?

Elderflower is found on the same bush on which elderberries are grown. Elderflowers bushes can be found in Northern America, Europe, and Asia. Elderflowers are small in size than regular flowers and are white.

Elderflowers are very useful in treating many diseases like flu, diabetes, etc. Elderflower is used for making medicines; however, it can also be consumed after cooking. Eating ray elderflower may cause diarrhea, vomiting, or stomachache. They are shipped to different companies for medicine making and need to be stored, so they are edible on receiving. Following are some techniques discussed to store elderflower correctly.

How To Store Elder Flower

Elderflowers have cyanide built in them. So to use them it is preferred to cook which evaporates such chemicals. However, depending on the usage, different methods are used to store the elderflower. Following are the methods used to store elderflower.

Preparation of Elderflower

You cannot directly store elderflower; instead, you need to pre-process the flower to store it. The very first thing to do is to remove the green part of the flower. Removing the green stem is a lot easier on dried elderflowers than the fresh ones.

To dry the flower, you need to spread it on a baking cooking tray and place it in the area where there is a flow of air. After your flowers are dried, you can easily separate the flowers from the stem.


You can freeze the freshly picked elderflowers. You can either place the flowers directly into the freezer, or you can first spread and freeze them on a regular dining plate and then place it in a plastic bag into the freezer.

You can directly add your elderflowers to different dishes you have to use them in. There is no need to thaw the flowers. This will prevent them from turning brown when thawed.


Refrigerating is not a preferred methodology used for elderflowers. But if you have to uses them in 1 or 2 days, you can refrigerate them. Still, even for this amount of time, it is preferred to freeze them because freezing does not take much time, and flowers do not turn brown.

Cook Them

Yes, cooking elderflowers in your recipe and storing the dish is also the most preferred way to store the elderflowers because they are harvested once a year and cannot stay fresh for much longer. So it is better to use them as soon as you get your hands on them.

Can You Freeze Elder Flower

Yes, freezing elderflowers is very convenient and the most preferred way to store them for later use. The method is very simple; you need to place them in the freezer and wait for an hour to let them freeze.

It is preferred to freeze the elderflowers in low quantity, i.e., 25 flowers on each plate, and then place each flower together in a plastic bag to ensure every flower is frozen correctly. When placed all together, then the flower in the center will take time to get freeze. Mostly, the elderflowers are shipped in frozen form.

How Long Does Elder Flower Last

Elderflowers have a very low shelf life. Usually, elderflowers do not last much longer. Elderflowers can sustain for a day at room temperature; then, they start to decompose. If you place them in the refrigerator, they may last for about 2 to 3 days max.

Dried-up elderflowers can last for 2 to 3 weeks, and then they won’t be used in dishes. Elderflower can be frozen. Frozen elderflowers can last for 3 to 4 months. You can use frozen elderflowers as they are more convenient to be used.

If you have not plucked out the flower stems, you can place them into sugar mixed water. This technique can make the plant last for 2-3 days at room temperature. Sugar dissolved in water is the source of food for the flower and, together with light, makes it fresh for few days.

How To Tell If Elder Flower Is Bad

Elderflower is not a fruit or a vegetable, so its expiry signs are pretty different from others. Like all other flowers, it will have more effect on color, texture, and smell. A completely spoiled flower can easily be differentiated from other flowers and are not consumable.

  • Texture: The petals of the flower become wilt; it can be due to dehydration. The flower eventually dies.
  • Mold: It can get mold if not taken proper care of. Mold indicates that your elderflower is spoiled.
  • Color: A fresh elderflower will be white absolutely. A spoiled flower will change its color from yellow to dark brown. If the flower goes dark brown, then it is no longer consumable. At the end-stage, the flowers go dark.
  • Smell: The smell of the flower is reduced over time. A spoiled flower won’t leave much of the fragrance.