Does Eggnog Go Bad?

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When the festive seasons of December arrive, and the atmosphere is happy and full of friends and family, everyone wants to have a good time. In situations like this, there is never a lack of one of the most iconic drinks of the season, Eggnog. This brew is always in the homes of all people around the world during Christmas and New Year.

Maybe after the holidays have passed, a couple of Eggnog bottles have been left in your drink reserves, unless you like to drink it casually, surely you think about not using them again until the next December holidays. The doubt arises, it will lose the Eggnog? If this is one of your concerns, please continue reading to find out everything you need to preserve this beloved drink.

How to store Eggnog

To start, you must review the Eggnog’s composition. It is a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, almonds, and some types of alcoholic beverages. If you have all that information in mind, you will understand that it is not a product that can be delicate and can easily be spoiled.

Now that you know the nature of this perishable item, you will surely understand the vital importance of properly storing it to be preserved in good condition for as long as possible. It will ensure that you can continue to enjoy your Eggnog for a slightly longer time than you might have thought would last.

Like other products that contain eggs and milk, Eggnog requires a series of standards that must be met so that it is stored in optimal conditions. These are:

keep it chilled

Due to its content, refrigeration is necessary, so it is not recommended that you keep it for a long time at room temperature. Never leave the eggnog container on the refrigerator door because as it tends to keep moving, the temperature remains to change; therefore, it cannot stay low enough so that what is in it is refrigerate well.

keep it sealed

Eggnog usually comes in a container or bottle that can be resealed because it comes with a lid or allows it. Due to the ingredients that make up the Eggnog, if it is left exposed to oxygen and in the open air, it will inevitably be damaged.

In case you have made your Eggnog at home and are wondering how to store it, all you have to do is pour it into an airtight container in which it can remain sealed while you keep it in the refrigerator so that it can be preserved.

Can You Freeze Eggnog?

You may want to preserve your Eggnog for the long term and wonder if it is possible to freeze it. Fortunately, it is so you can extend its shelf life for a long time, but doing this has the cost that all dairy or cream products have.

If you freeze the Eggnog when it is thawed, it will separate, liquid on the surface and lumps on the bottom. For practical purposes, you can mix it so that the elements come together, and you can consume it again, but it will not have the same quality as fresh Eggnog. It can also be used to cook a dish or to mix as if it were a cream.

How Long Does Eggnog Last

As we have already mentioned, Eggnog is composed of elements that can degrade very quickly, and even if they are mixed and refrigerated, they will not last long.

Eggnog bottles or containers usually come with a label on the outside that indicates a deadline, which indicates when it expires, even though despite this date, you can continue consuming two or three days after this date. It should be noted that this only applies when the eggnog container has not been opened.

Regarding how long the Eggnog lasts exactly, the number of days can be up to five days when it has been opened and what the label indicates plus three days when it is still sealed. Homemade Eggnog has an estimated shelf life of two to three days when refrigerated.

It should be noted that these deadlines can only be met if you properly follow the procedures to preserve the Eggnog. Otherwise, it may end up spoiling earlier than expected.

How to Tell If Eggnog Is Bad

Once the periods during which you know that the Eggnog is in good condition have passed, the most likely thing is that it will spoil, so what we recommend is that you discard it.

In case it is still within the deadlines, but you are not sure if it is in good condition, what you should do is look for any sign that indicates that it is in poor condition, such as a noticeable change in color, lumpy texture, and musty or rotten odor.

If your Eggnog does not have any of these characteristics and is within the date on which it is safe to consume it, then you can do so without worrying about getting sick when consuming it. In any case, you should always check the Eggnog before ingesting it. It is the best way to avoid problems.


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