Does Eggfruit Go Bad

Does Egg Fruit Go Bad?

Egg fruit is a rare yellow fruit that resembles an onion. It is sweet and musky fruit with a smooth, baked potato aroma that grows on a tree with a height of 3 to 4 meters. It is called egg fruit because of its yellow color, like an egg yolk.

The egg fruit is ready to be consumed in the winter season, from October to February, and is mainly cultivated in America and other tropical regions worldwide. The egg fruit also expires and, like all other fruit and vegetables, exhibit expiry signs of texture, smell, and taste change.

How To Store Egg Fruit

Egg fruit does not last long at room temperature and is most likely to be consumed fresh. Egg fruit can get spoiled in a couple of days if not stored in proper conditions. So for later use, you need to imply different storage techniques as per your usage.

Here are some techniques followed to make your egg fruit last longer.

Room Temperature

A ripe egg fruit would not last long on your table at room temperature. However, if stored correctly, you can save it for a week. Store unsliced egg fruit on your kitchen shelf. A partially sliced egg fruit will end up rotting in 2 – 3 days.

People often save unripped egg fruit at room temperature, which takes about two weeks to get ripe and a week for best before use.


In domestic space, the most convenient and preferred method to store egg fruit is refrigerators. In refrigerators, the egg fruit can last a week longer than stored at room temperature. But you should not store sliced egg fruit in the fridge, or it will get rotten fast.

You can make use of a plastic bag or a plastic bucket to store in the refrigerator. In this way, you can prevent natural moisture buildup and keep the fruit fresh and avoid mold buildup.

You should wash the fruit only when you have to eat the fruit. If washed and placed in the refrigerator, then it will make it soft rapidly.


If you have to store your fruit for a longer time, then freezing your fruit is suggested. Do not wash the fruit before freezing, or it will make changes in texture and taste a little bit. To reuse your fruit, you can thaw your fruit at room temperature or in mildly warm water.

Can You Freeze Egg Fruit

Egg fruit can be frozen. Egg fruit can be frozen for many purposes, especially on a commercial scale. Egg fruit in large quantities can be stored by freezing them. Egg fruit is often stored as juicy meat only in a tin container.

Frozen egg fruit is enjoyed as a dessert, just like ice creams. However, it is also used to make smoothies. If you have stored the egg fruit raw, it can be thawed by putting it in mildly warm water or room temperature.

Frozen egg fruit can last for 8- 10 months, depending on the temperature maintained in the freezer.

How Long Does Egg Fruit Last

The life of a fully ripened egg fruit can vary depending on the region and storing conditions provided. At room temperature, it can last for only 2 to 3 days. However, if the egg fruit area is being used is colder, they may stay for a week.

Like South Asia, the egg fruit can change its texture, smell, and taste in less than three days in hotter regions. To increase its life span, it is placed in the refrigerator in which the life increases by two weeks approximately.

A sliced fruit has a good chance of getting rotten faster. A sliced egg fruit has about 60% or less life than the unsliced version of the fruit.

If you are looking to increase fruit’s life for a couple of months, you should freeze it. Freezing the fruit can increase its life span for about 8 – 10 months.

How To Tell If Egg Fruit Is Bad

Egg fruit, like other fruits, shows expiry signs. We will notice a change in the appearance, smell, and taste of the egg fruit. You can look for the following features to save yourself from consuming an egg fruit.

  • Appearance: A spoiled egg fruit will show grayish spots on its peel. You will feel soft areas on the fruit when touched.
  • Smell: A rotten egg fruit will be soft and will have a grayish texture overall. You will feel an awful solid smell of a rotten egg.
  • Taste: Egg fruit may seem fresh from the outside, but it may have worms or gotten rotten from the inside. It is suggested that you cut it and see it. Flesh seems like scrambled eggs.