Does Edam Go Bad?

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Edam is the traditional chess of Holland. The name of Edam is obtained from the town which is located on the north side of Holland. It is a traditional cheese which is made from cow’s milk. It is salty and very usually in between the state of soft and hard.

By melting the cheese, you can make sauces and toppings. It is very healthy and also is considered to be in a list of low-fat cheese. It is very impactful if you add Edam to your diet plan. They are yellowish with a combination of red.

How To Store Edam

Edam has the nutritional value of calcium, fiber, zinc, and vitamin. There is no presence of sugar, and the salt level is up to 15%. It is very beneficial for health as it can help you to lose weight and also it has a very good taste if you used it as a topping.

Edam cheese comes in a plastic case, and in Holland, people use it extensively. There are different methods through which you can store Edam cheese.


Edam cheese is wrapped in a plastic case, and if you do not open the plastic, it will remain useful for a month. If you have used the Edam cheese, you can put the leftover in the refrigerator. It can last for four to five weeks in the fridge.

In your Kitchen

Edam cheese is normally made in Holland, and it is known to be a cooler place. You can keep the Edam cheese in your pantry, but you have to make sure about one thing is that it should be placed in a dry area.

Other things which are mandatory that it should be kept airtight. Moisture can affect the cheese, due to which it can be spoiled. If it is completely packed, it can be store for almost three to four weeks.

Away from Sunlight

It is better if you keep it away from heat; otherwise, it will start melting. However, melting cheese will become a sauce, but if you consider using Edam cheese in a solid-state, it is better to keep it away from sunlight.


Though freezing is unnecessary for storing Edam cheese if you want to freeze Edam cheese, keep it in a refrigerator. It can last for almost six months. The best thing is that Edam cheese does not change its taste unless it is spoiled.

Can You Freeze Edam

If you prefer to freeze Edam cheese, you can freeze it easily. Cut the cheese into slices and put it in a plastic bag. Seal it properly and keep it in a refrigerator. When you want to use it, take the cheese slice out, slightly heat it and use it.

It is better if you are storing it in your pantry rather than freezing it. Its shelf life will almost remain the same, but the freshness will make your taste even better.

While freezing Edam cheese, make sure it should remain dry so it can last for at least three weeks.

How Long Does Edam Last

Edam is very famous in the Northside of Holland. When we are analyzing the shelf life of Edam cheese, you can store it in three ways. All methods will have almost the same shelf life.

Suppose you are storing your Edam cheese in the kitchen. It will stay fresh for almost two weeks. But the requirement is to keep the Edam cheese in a dry and cool area. If you are preserving frozen cheese, there will be a slight change in shelf life.

It will last from two weeks to six weeks. But there are chances if the cheese gets wet due to air passing, it can be spoiled before its expiry date. So the important thing is to wrap the cheese perfectly.

Airtight-wrapped cheese will provide you fresh cheese, and it will remain useful for more than five weeks. This applies to Babybel cheese as well.

How To Tell If Edam Is Bad

Edam is a traditional cheese, and normally people use it frequently in many dishes. Though it does not last for longer than a month, the following are the identifications where you will get to know that your Edam cheese is expired.

  • Appearance: The first trait is very common, and like all other cheese, it will start getting hard, and you will realize a change in texture.
  • Mold: Their taste will also change, and you can start seeing molding as well.
  • Color: The color of cheese will turn into dark yellow, and then it can turn into black. You will be able to identify that your cheese is expired.
  • Smell:The other trait is that Edam cheese will start stinking. You will feel a very bad smell, and it can affect your health as well. The drawback is that a bad smell can affect other food items; the smell is also an indication of spoiled cheese.