Does Earthnut Pea Go Bad

Does Earthnut Pea Go Bad?

Earthnut pea is a root plant naturally found in the areas of Europe. It has a height of up to 2-3 inches. Earthnut pea is not very common as it is difficult to grow. People use it by eating raw and also cooked.

Its taste is even better if you bake it with sweet potatoes. They are very healthy and also they are not that much toxic. They have an element of amino acid which is not good for health but overall it a very healthy root plant. It is grown with a pink color flower which makes its beauty prominent.

How To Store Earthnut Pea

Earthnut pea is not very much common due to its difficult cultivation. People like it very much and use it in a different recipe. The reason for growing earthnut pea is very difficult because it takes complete care.

The most required thing to grow earthnut pea is that it takes full sunlight. It also required hard soil for growth.

Earthnut pea is used and stores in different ways. You can store its petals. The easiest way is to take the petals, keep them in a plastic bag and put it in a refrigerator. This will help you to store flower petals of earthnut pea.

Petals of earthnut pea are not edible but the roots of a plant are very tasty. It contains many elements which are greatly beneficial for health. Though certain methods can be used to store earthnut pea.


The first thing which you have to take care of, is to wash it properly. There are many poisonous elements are present on it which can be very dangerous for human health. Once it is being completely washed, dry it properly.

Take a plastic bag and put the earthnut pea in it. Keep the pea in a refrigerator and it can be useful for almost 14 months. But your preference should be always to wash them before using them.

In Your Pantry

You can store earthnut pea in your pantry. Usually, people go for the method of keeping it in a refrigerator but on some level, you can store it in your pantry. You have to wash them properly and after that make them dry.

Take one jar and keep the root plant and seal it. It should be kept air-tight. Doing so will make it last for 12 months.

Can You Freeze Earthnut Pea

Though it is not easy to cultivate earthnut pea, on the other hand, the most suitable way to store earthnut pea is by freezing it. You can start it by separating the petals from the root plant. When you are removing the plant, keep checking if there is any worm or insect that is not stuck.

Wash the plants properly and then keep the plants in a container. The container should be air-tight. Keep it in your refrigerator and freeze it. If you are storing it properly you will be able to use earthnut pea for almost 16 to 18 months.

How Long Does Earthnut Pea Last

Earthnut pea has a quality that it can last for a long time as compared to other plant roots. They are comparatively very delicious and have a tartaric taste. As we all know, earthnut pea is not so common.

People use it in different recipes and bake them too. The preservation is very much required for having an earthnut pea in the longer run.

If you are preserving your earthnut pea in your kitchen area. It will last for almost 10 months. On the other hand, it can last for 12-14 months if you are storing it in a refrigerator. The best shelf life you can get is by freezing the plant. It will give you up to 17-18 months of storage.

It is considered to be in the list of long-lasting plant roots and overall it doesn’t expire too early.

How To Tell If Earthnut Pea Is Bad

The most selling and privileged thing which is being made up of earthnut pea is wine. People make wine and add different flavors so that its value increases from time to time.

In Canada, People use wine which eventually is the taste of earthnut pea. There is many identifications from which you can know that your root plant is getting expired.

Appearance: Earthnut pea roots have a brown color which is quite common, and has a flower, which color can be either pink or red. The first trait is that your earthnut pea will start turning yellow.

The petal will start turning yellow, will eventually give you a sign that it is getting worse and on the other hand, they will start turning black which will be an identification that root plants have died and cannot be considered for longer storage.