Does Durian Go Bad?

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Durian is a circle-shaped fruit that is found in the southeast areas of Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Its size is from 28cm to 30cm. It has hard skin, and the inner part is soft which people eat.

This is one of the fruits that smells awfully bad. It is famous because of its taste and nutritional values. Durian lovers love it as it has a garlicky taste with a mixture of sugar and salt. Durian helps to improve the immune system. Durian is also especially useful for a cancer patient as it helps to cure and control blood pressure.

How To Store Durian

Durian is one of the smelliest fruits. It contains the smell of odor and onions. You can feel the bad smell from extremely far. In most of the areas, people do not prefer to grow it just because of its smell.

In Singapore, durian is banned due to its bad smell. Durian has such a strong smell that can even affect your health if you are sensitive. But on the other hand, people love it due to its taste and the nutritional elements.

Durian grows in cold places and because of its smell, it must be placed in some cooler area. Though still it stinks but placing it in a cooler area can help you a lot.

Durian is a fruit that people eat because of its nutritional elements. People buy it fresh as it is not available in every store due to its smell. There is a certain method through which you can preserve Durian.


The most essential thing while considering storing Durian is that it should be kept in a cooler place. Even though if you place it in a refrigerator, it will have a bad smell. You will easily feel the smell of durian even storing it in a refrigerator.

Wrap It

Due to its hard smell, delicate fruits or food items can be spoiled. The positive way is to use aluminum paper. When you are preserving durian, wash it first and after that make it dry and wrapped it with aluminum paper. When it is completely covered, use scotch tape to keep it still.

Keep Airtight

Put it in a jar or an air-tight container. Air should not be passed as it will spread the bad smell even more. If you follow the process, you can store Durian for four to five days.

Can You Freeze Durian

Freezing durian is the most appropriate way for storage. The important thing you must take care of is that it should be kept in an open area. There smell will completely ruin your kitchen and it will create a bad impact on your other food items.

If you are hoping for a longer shelf life of durian, you should freeze it. Frozen durian is very refreshing, and it will be greatly beneficial health-wise. You must wrap the fruit in an aluminum sheet and tie it with scotch tape and then you can freeze it in your refrigerator.

How Long Does Durian Last

Durian has a garlicky taste which is quite like chives. People living in Thailand and Indonesia love them. This is a seasonal fruit, and the shelf life of durian relies on the method you are using to preserve.

We will suggest you not store durian in your pantry or any open area. Its hard smell will eventually affect you. There are two ways to store durian. If you are storing durian in an air-tight container and keep it in the refrigerator. It will last for four to five days.

You should give your preference to freeze durian. There are many benefits of freezing durian. It will last for a longer time like almost up to two months. Also, you will feel less smell although you cannot completely end the smell of durian.

But frozen durian has pretty much less smell as compared to the fresh one.

How To Tell If Durian Is Bad

Durian is a super nutritional fruit that contains many healthy elements which are extremely helpful for heart patients. It has a creamy taste which is like caramel. Durian is extremely popular in Thailand, but the only drawback is that it stinks a lot.

We will share some details with you which will support you to detect that durian cannot be used further.

  • Appearance: You can easily identify that your durians are going bad when you will cut durian into slices, the inner part is usually soft, but you will be able to see that water is dipping and it will become wet. Which is the result of spoiled durian.
  • Taste:¬†It has a mixed taste of salt and sugar but when you will taste it, you can feel bitterness and at some stage it becomes sour. By tasting durian, you will get to know that durian is spoiled and cannot be used.