Does Distilled Water Go Bad

Does Distilled Water Go Bad?

You may have ever heard distilled water is better than plain water because it lacks elements such as minerals that can alter its flavor, and you may have decided that this is a better or healthier option, so this is what you use for now.

It should be noted that distilled water has multiple uses, not only for drinking, but it can also be used for other matters. Now that you know this and start thinking about getting distilled water, you may worry if it will spoil. To find out about it, you have to continue reading, and you will find what you need to know.

How to store Distilled Water

As you know, distilled water is clean of many impurities and elements that can alter its taste and quality, but that does not mean that this condition cannot be altered. That is why you have to make sure that it stays that way.

In general terms, distilled water differs from ordinary water because it does not have the same impurities, but in terms of how they are stored, they are practically the same.

In this aspect, we are going to detail some of how you can keep distilled water in good condition either for its use or its consumption, the three rules that you must always do are:

Keep it in a suitable place

Something basic when storing any water in a container is finding a place with the correct conditions to store it. These conditions include being cool, dark, and dry. The pantry can work perfectly.

Avoid heat sources

In many cases, either distilled or drinking water usually comes in plastic packaging or bottles. If these are heated for long periods, they can release chemicals or be damaged, leaving the water with an annoying taste in some cases.

Keep it sealed

When you open the bottle, you must make sure to close it again when you do not use it. The idea of ​​distilled water is that it has a purity by which it differs from other waters, but if we leave the container open, it will eventually become contaminated.

Suppose your intentions do not include using distilled water for drinking it and instead plan to use it for other purposes, whether chemical or household, you must bear in mind that you cannot store the water anywhere. You should avoid storing your distilled water near products such as cleaning chemicals, gasoline, and thinner; anything that can alter its state by sharing the space where it is stored.

Another point worth noting is that glass bottles will always be a better option than plastic ones when it comes to packaging materials for storing distilled water.

Can You Freeze Distilled Water?

Distilled water is made to last indefinitely due to its lack of impurities. As long as it is sealed in a container and stored in the correct conditions, it can remain in good condition without the need to be refrigerated or frozen.

But if you insist that it is possible to do so because it is within your intentions to freeze it. Freezing distilled water is the same as freezing ordinary water. All you have to remember is that they require the same care as any liquid because it expands when it freezes. That is why you cannot put a container full of water because it can break, so definitely, you can’t use bottles or containers made of glass.

How Long Does Distilled Water Last

As we have already mentioned, distilled water is made to last a long time in good condition because it is devoid of impurities. Therefore, there is nothing that can decompose inside it.

Due to this reason, the possibility of it going bad should not be a reason for you to worry so you can take it easy without fear about it. Anyway, it reaches a point where when using it you can notice that it has a bad smell, this does not mean that it is in bad condition, it only indicates that it has been stored for a long time and that it has lost freshness.

The distilled water that you get in stores can easily last five years that keeps it sealed. Once you open it and use it from time to time, it can last a year. The distilled water used to make a drink can last about a week, and the water that is distilled at home.

How to Tell If Distilled Water Is Bad

Regardless of the intended use of distilled water, it should be usable in any case, even if a considerable amount of time has passed since you acquired it. We remind you again that the lack of impurities is one of the characteristics that play a decisive role so that it is kept in good condition no matter how long it takes. That, therefore, is not a great concern for its consumers in general.

But in case you have your doubts, or if you have used distilled water since you got it, you should look at signs such as the possibility that it acquires a color tone or you can see dirt floating in it, or that it has a bad smell that you can’t ignore. Ideally, if any of these situations happen to your distilled water, you should discard the old water and replace it with fresh.


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