Does Davidson's Plum Go Bad

Does Davidson’s Plum Go Bad?

Davidson Plum is a plant that is a combination of three closely related species of rainforest trees. It is a small, slender tree with a spreading canopy and smooth leaves with edible sour fruit. It is commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions of Australia.

The bitter fruit is of Davidson plum is used in a variety of cuisines and products. It is most commonly used in making jams, wine, and ice cream. It has a short shelf life as the fruit ripening process continues at a small pace, even separated from the tree, so it does become ripe and mushy. It lasts a good couple of days when stored in the fridge.

How to store Davidson plum?

Davidson plum is often used for cooking purposes. It can be eaten raw, but as its taste is too sour for most people so it is preferred if you cook it.

With its beautiful purple color and tart flavor, it is most commonly used in ice creams, wines, jams and others. Storing it the right way is a major factor in keeping it fresh long enough for products.

Here we have shared a few tips that will help you store your Davidson plum fruits for a longer period.

Buying in season

When storing a fruit, it is better to buy it when it is in the season as the price is better and fresher. So always pick seasonal Davidson’s plum fruit for storing.

Store at a cool, dry place

Always store Davidson plum at a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Use paper bags

Always use paper bags to store Davidson plums as it absorbs excess moisture and helps keep the fruit dry and firm.


Place them in paper bags and put them in the fridge. Refrigeration keeps the fruit fresh for almost a week.

Freeze them

As Davidson plums are in season for a few months only, so an easy way to store them for a longer time is to freeze them. Freezing helps maintain its taste and color.

Can we freeze Davidson plum?

As we mentioned earlier, Davidson’s plum is in season for a very short amount of time, so it is common for people to freeze them. They freeze very well. Frozen Davidson plums are also sold at marts and stores.

To freeze them first, pick a fresh batch, remove the small stems attached if there are any and then wash them and dry them with a paper towel. Now put them in a zip lock bag and preferably write the date you are freezing on the bag to use it accordingly.

How long does Davidson plum last?

Davidson Plum is a specie combination of rainforest trees, so its fruit possesses the properties of tropical fruits. Davidson plum fruits have a small shelf life. Most of these fruits are picked before they get a chance to ripen fully.

Then are kept at very low temperatures to stop their growth, so when they are sent to stores, the ripening process continues at a rapid speed, so the fruit ages early and goes bad. However, it also depends on the variety being used, some varieties may last longer than others.

Davidson fruit is a fruit that is both firm and tarty. However, It only lasts on the shelf for a few days, but it does last longer when stored in the fridge as refrigeration provides better temperature and storage conditions. Frozen Davidson plum fruits last for months without losing their natural color or flavor; that is why stores often sold frozen plum fruits when they are not in season.

How to tell if Davidson plum is bad?

With tropical fruits it is always much easier to detect if they have gone bad as their taste and color give them away. Davidson plum has a short shelf life, so it goes rotten or bad early, and sometimes, we unintentionally or due to lack of knowledge, buy aged or bad fruit.

Here we have shared with you a few tips that can help you determine if Davidson’s plum fruit that you are buying or have stored in the pantry or fridge is bad or not.

  • Too hard or soft: when purchasing a Davidson plum fruit, give it a soft squeeze. If it’s too hard or turns mushy to touch, then it is bad or aged.
  • Acidic in taste: a good Davidson plum fruit has a natural tarty flavor. Bad fruit will taste too acidic or sour.
  • Discoloration: a fresh Davidson plum fruit has a beautiful purple color. If it has a brown color on the outside or has small white spots on the outer skin, it is a rotten plum fruit.
  • Insect holes: always look for insect holes in the fruit as tropical fruits are more prone to insects.
  • Molds: sometimes, the fruit develops molds at the point where the fruit was attached to the stem. So always look for molds before buying.