Does Date Plum Go Bad

Does Date Plum Go Bad?

Diospyros lotus is a scientific name of date plum. Date plum is a fruit. It changes its color as they grow up green into yellow, then purple, and looks like berries when they mature. The color of date plum changes into golden orange.

Date plum is very helpful fruit to cure much disease which is occurring in the human body. Date plum treating to cure different diseases such as brain cancer, tumor, fever and asthma etc.

Date plum is a fleshy fruit and good for human health. Once the shelf life is expired, it doesn’t go well. Usually, date plum is used unripe. Unripe date plum is bitter and uses for a long period. If you bought mature date plum and used it after the end of the season, it doesn’t go well.

How to store date plum?

Date plum season only for a couple of months, October to November. As we know that date plum is for the shortest time, so we need to store this fleshy fruit for the longer used.

You can store date plum when it is unripe. The unripe date plum helps you increase shelf life, and you can enjoy your fleshy fruit after the end of the season.

Storing your fruit in the refrigerator or preserving preservation methods makes your fruit fresh for longer used. Make sure you follow all the processes and take precautions seriously.

At room temperature

You can store unripe date plum at room temperature. The best way to store date plum is when you store date plum at room temperature. It would be best if you had unripe date plum. It can increase the shelf life and grow up faster at room temperature, and isn’t it amazing it will last for two months.

Away from the sun

Sunlight or any heat source can destroy your fruit easily. As you know, date plum is only coming for a couple of months, so you can take precautions seriously and away from the sunlight when you put date plum at room temperature.

In the fridge

When you store date plum in the fridge, make sure that all pieces of date plum are fresh and in good condition. One old piece can destroy all the bunch of date plum easily. After that, wash them properly and dry them with a kitchen towel. It can keep the fruit fresh. Then take a brown paper bag and put your fleshy fruit on it. It can keep date plum lasts for 5 to 7 days.


By the method of preservation, you store your fleshy fruit for longer use. It can contain vitamins A and C and have a source of fiber. If you want to preserve date plum, follow the steps which are taking place.

  • Take fresh unripe date plum when the color of date plum is green.
  • Date plum is easily grown up at room temperature.
  • Put the unripe date plum at room temperature for up to 2 months.
  • It changes its color after a few days. Green to purple it’s mean it’s grown.
  • Away from the sun
  • After the color of the date, plum turns into golden orange. Take a brown paper bag.
  • Put date plum into the brown paper bag.
  • Then preserve date plum in the fridge.
  • It will last for 5 to 7 days in the best quality.

Can you freeze date plum?

Date plum is living its best life when you have put them at room temperature in dry condition. As the season is coming in the winter, so the room temperature is already cool. Date plums are sensitive to chilling. So avoid them to place in the freezer.

If you freeze date plum, it is frozen whole. After that, it cannot be eatable. So don’t put date plum in the freezer.

How long date plum lasts?

Ripe date plum shelf life lasts for about 3 to 4 days, but if you preserve them at room temperature in dry condition, it will last for about two months. Unripe date plum lasts about a week in the fridge. Once the date plums mature, they will last in the fridge only for few days.

If you follow the precautions and steps you read in the article, date plum will be fresh and good in quality with the storing process.

How to tell if date plum is bad?

Sour date plums change their color immediately. It also changes the texture and turns into a soft and spread awful smell when you see any change in its appearance, like dark spots on it its means that date plum is going bad.

Used date plum before the shelf life is expired. Unripe date plums are bitter in taste or ripe date plum sweet in taste and spoiled date plum sour. Another sign when it goes bad date plum starts to leak.