Do Custard Apples Go Bad

Does Custard Apple Go Bad?

Custard apple is a small tropical fruit. You can eat this delicious and creamy fruit as a snack in the summers. They come in various shapes, i.e., they can be either heart-shaped or oblong or may be irregular. When the custard apple starts to ripe, it changes its green color to yellow or brownish.

Custard apple is a treat to consume in hot weather. It has a very sweet taste. Due to its jiggly texture inside, it gives an amazing feeling to folks. People love to enjoy eating this amazing tiny fruit. The shelf life of custard apples is average. It goes bad within a week. Only storing it well can extend its shelf life.

How to Store Custard Apple?

You can store custard apples anywhere in your pantry or the refrigerator. The storing methods are as same as all other fruits. If you have bought the fruit in bulk, you might be worried about storing it or its shelf life.

In that case, stop worrying and read this article because it will give you all information about custard apple. You can store the fruit in the following ways:

At Room Temperature

You can store the custard apple at room temperature if you are sure that you will be able to eat it within a day. The custard apple will remain good for 24 hours. Make sure that they are kept in a cool and dry place. Moisture can make them go bad even before their common shelf life. You can use either fruit baskets or plastic bags to store the fruit.

Away from Sunlight

Sunlight is bad for riped custard apples. You should place them away from all heat sources because they may get rotten. The texture and the taste change.

The jiggly and soft fruit inside the skin becomes watery and does not give a pleasant feeling. You can keep the unripe fruit in sunlight to make them go ripe.

In the Refrigerator

the refrigerator is the best place for the storage of custard apples. The fruit retains freshness for a week if kept in the fridge. If you are not using custard apple right away, you should definitely store it in the refrigerator.

Using the crisper of the fridge for storing the unripened custard apple is fine. But make sure that there is no other fruit near them. Or you can use airtight containers or plastic bags to store them. Additionally, you can just store just the pulp of the fruit in airtight jars.

Can you Freeze Custard Apple?

Freezing the custard apple for making dishes is completely fine. Also, if you want to enjoy the taste of this delicious fruit out of season, you can store it in the freezer. The frozen custard apples can be used for a long-term period.

The proper way to freeze the apple is in its puree. Make a puree of the pulp of custard apple and freeze it for later use. You can store the fruit in the whole form too. But when you defrost it, the fruit will result in a watery and messy texture.

How long does Custard Apple Last?

The custard apple goes bad quickly if not stored properly. Even the shelf life of this small snack fruit is not very long. It hardly stays good for a week, if not frozen. But if kept carelessly without taking any precautions, they can go bad even before their common lifespan.

There is a slight difference between the shelf life of riped and unripe fruit. The custard apple in the unripened form at room temperature can last for 3 to 4 days. On the other hand, riped custard apple lasts for 1 to 2 days at room temperature.

The refrigerated fruit lasts for 2 to 3 days if riped and 5 to 6 days if unripe. In contrast, the frozen puree of the custard apple lasts longer. The lifespan of the frozen puree is 10 to 12 months inside the freezer.

How to tell if Custard Apple is Bad?

The custard apple goes bad very fast due to its high content of water and extra sweet flavor. There are big chances of the fruit going bad if they meet unfavorable conditions too. You should know all the signs that bad custard apple shows because they might be bad for health if bad.

Following are the signs that bad custard apple shows:

  • The high content of sugar aggravates the mold growth on the fruit. If you see any greenish mild on the fruit, toss it out.
  • If the fruit is kept over time, it may go watery and mushy inside. Do not eat such a type of custard apple.
  • It’s best to throw the custard apple out if the fruit is dried out. The outer skin color of the fruit changes to black or dark brown when they become dry.
  • Any leakage from the fruit is an indication of bad fruit.