Does Curry Sauce Go Bad?

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Curry is a variety of dishes. It is a combination of spices and herbs. Turmeric and salt are the key ingredients. Curry is generally prepared as a sauce. It is a traditional dish in the subcontinent. It can be made in several different ways and is widely liked all across the world.

The Curry sauce preserves its amazing properties when stored properly. Unlike most stored products, it does not go bad early. It is also sold in the form of paste at market places; all you need to do is to cook it with some liquid, and it turns in the desired sauce. We can use an opened bottle of Curry paste even after its expiration date.

However, you should use the opened bottles within two months of opening because they may turn bad or lose flavor after that.

How to store curry sauce?

There is nothing more amazing than a homemade Curry sauce that tastes amazing and has a beautiful aroma. Making Curry sauce is time-consuming and requires a good amount of effort, so people often make it in large amounts and store it in small batches that they can then use according to need.

A properly stored Curry sauce can be used for a long period. Here we have shared a few tips on how you can store your Curry sauce so that it remains fresh and tasty for a good amount of time.

Refrigerate it

Always store open or newly made batches of Curry sauce into the fridge. Refrigeration will keep them fresh for a long time and prevents them from going bad.

Use glass jars

use clean, sanitized glass jars for storing curry sauce as they are airtight and prevent mold formation. Also, Curry sauce has a specific smell that is hard to get out of plastic containers, making them unusable for storing other products. Glass containers, however, do not develop that smell.

Turning it into ice cubes

Another common home method for storing curry sauce is making it into small ice cubes, storing it in the freezer, and taking it out according to need.

Can you freeze curry sauce?

It is often not a suggested option to freeze curry sauce as curry sauce has onions, so its taste may become bitter. However, if we store the curry sauce properly, then we certainly can minimize the damage.

One of the most common ways to freeze curry paste is to make ice cubes. Take an ice cube tray spray or brush the insides with cooking oil. This step is necessary to prevent the cube tray from the curry stains and store it in the freezer. When the cubes are properly frozen, take the cubes out of the tray, put them in a zip lock bag, and put them back into the freezer. This technique is very easy and maintains the taste of Curry sauce for a long period.

How long does curry sauce last?

You can make Curry sauce at home or buy it from the market. Making curry sauce is a long and somewhat delicate process and requires precision in handling the spices as a little bit of change in spices can either make the sauce go bland or make it too spicy to eat. Curry sauce comes in many varieties.

An unfortunate thing about Curry sauce is that it does go bad early, so all that effort put into making it may go to waste. A cooked batch of curry sauce will last only a few days in the fridge. However unopened bottle of Curry paste can last up to a year or more without losing its taste.

We can use up an open bottle of uncooked Curry paste for up to two months; however, it tastes best in the first few weeks of opening. Always store the open bottle of sauce in the fridge; this keeps it fresh. Un cooked Curry sauce can be used even after its expiration date. It may not taste so great, but it certainly will not make you ill.

How to tell if curry sauce is bad?

Curry sauce goes bad early, either due to the ingredients present or due to lack of proper storage conditions. Here we have shared some very simple signs with you which will help you detect if the Curry sauce you are using is bad or not.

  • Taste: curry sauce, when stored for a long time, does lose some of its taste; even the uncooked sealed paste bottles, when they exceed the expiration date, may taste a bit less favorable than what originally was the flavor. A bad curry sauce will taste bland.
  • Bad odor: curry sauces have a beautiful aroma depending upon the ingredients used in them. A bad Curry sauce will have a stinky or pungent smell.
  • Bacterial growth: as curry sauce has a lot of moisture, there is a huge chance of developing mold. Always look for signs of bacterial growth in your curry sauce before buying, and do check your stored batches of curry sauce for molds before using them.