Does Crisco Go Bad?

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If you are a fan of bakery and pastry, then you will have passed through the world of fats and oils to learn how to use them and gain experience. If I’m right, then you will have discovered how useful Crisco butter is for all your recipes due to its high-fat content.

Let’s say you bought a large batch to use in the long term, and you need to save it, or on the contrary, you bought a little, but you do not know how long it will last in good condition, in both cases, you must know about its storage and lifetime to get the most out of it that you can.

How to store Crisco

Crisco butter is like many other oily type products, such as palm oil or soybean oil, for example, that is why the methods you should use to store it can be practically the same.

When you have your Crisco butter, you must remember everything necessary to store it correctly. Luckily it is not complicated, and there is nothing particularly demanding to do. You just have to try to follow the following specifications:

Keep it in an ideal place

Crisco lard requires you to be careful when storing it, so make sure to find an appropriate place for it. The pantry does not usually present problems since it is a dark, warm, and fresh place that makes it suitable for storing things.

Avoid heat sources

If you analyze it well, it is understandable why Crisco butter should be left stored in a warm place for a long time, as it is greasy, its consistency becomes liquid, and it can easily lose its shape if it is not in its packaging.

Keep it sealed

If you open a Crisco butter container, it does not matter if it is the first time or if you have been consuming it for a long time. When you are not going to use it, you must close it so that it remains sealed and that it can retain its good condition and integrity for a long time.

If you are skeptical about these methods and prefer others that seem safer, you can resort to refrigerating them. Still, it would be best if you did not forget that it will eventually harden due to low temperatures.

You can solve this problem by leaving it at room temperature for a while, and it will be soft again without any complications. It will just be a matter of being patient about it.

Can You Freeze Crisco?

Usually, if you are not going to consume something by the time you get it, leaving it at room temperature is not an option. If you are not going to consume it in the weeks, simply refrigerating it is not enough, so the route you should choose is to freeze things.

Luckily, Crisco butter is within the spectrum of kitchen items that can be frozen, thus extending its long-term use time. We recommend that you do the procedure using small containers that are easy to handle when you need to defrost them.

How Long Does Crisco Last

Regarding how long Crisco butter can last, it must be remembered that it is a greasy and oily product, and like all products of the kind, it has a long duration, so you should not worry if you have a container in your house that has been unused for a couple of weeks.

Like consumable products in general, Crisco butter comes with a label that indicates a date on which they assure you that it will maintain its highest quality standard until then. Still, in reality, it will continue to be good for a couple of months after opening it.

A container of Crisco butter is capable of maintaining its quality for one year, and after opening, it will last six months. The butter enters into contact with oxygen and enters an oxidation process that gradually shortens the period of its maximum quality.

How to Tell If Crisco Is Bad

Due to its oily and greasy nature, it can be difficult to determine when Crisco butter passed its prime and began to go into the process of going bad.

Despite this, it is always necessary to be attentive to any change in its characteristics. If its color turns dark, it is already in bad condition, but this may take time to happen while other indicators such as an unpleasant odor and a strange texture may already be present.

If your Crisco butter looks good, smells good, and has a good consistency, it is because it is good. It would be best if you remembered that this state of conservation is only possible by taking the necessary actions to prevent it from spoiling, so always be cautious about it.


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