Does Cream Cheese Go Bad

Does Cream Cheese Go Bad?

One of the elements that are never lacking in homes when preparing breakfast or snack time is cream cheese. It is a mixture of milk and cream that results in one of the best creations to spread on your food.

Cream cheese is presented as a companion to some very simple dishes, but if you have experience cooking, you will know that it can be used in sauces, pates, and maces, among others. In short, it is a product with many uses, but it is also delicate and can be damaged if you are not careful with it.

How to Store Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is made to be a product of daily consumption, and this means that it should be quickly consumed because it does not have a long duration and can spoil soon. Therefore it is necessary to know how to store it properly not to get damaged ahead of schedule.

As its name indicates, cream cheese is a dairy product, and like all these types of products in general, they must remain refrigerated so as not to cut, become acidic or spoil. A temperature of 40 ° F or lower is ideal for keeping it cool.

Apart from refrigeration, there are other things that you must put into practice to prevent the cream cheese from being damaged because only the environment with low temperatures is not enough. You must also do the following:

Keep it sealed

After being opened, the cream cheese must be closed again as long as it is not in use to remain safe in its packaging. Sometimes this comes without the ability to be sealed after having opened it, and in this case, what you can do is change the container where you keep the cream cheese for an airtight one or put it in a freezer bag.

In case you do not have any of these objects to be able to store the milk cream, what you can do is look for plastic to wrap or even aluminum foil and cover the container with one of these. Then you should use an elastic band so that it puts pressure on the edges where it covers them and that way a seal is created.

Use clean utensils

When you are eating and have your cream cheese to spread, the worst thing you can do is use a dirty utensil because you would be contaminating it with the remains of other food or maybe saliva, which would accelerate its decomposition process.

You should note that you can apply these same rules for any other type of spread, such as butter, melted cheddar cheese, and even non-dairy products such as sauces.

Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

When it comes to freezing cream cheese, it can be said that it is an option but has its consequences. After all, being a dairy product that is also soft will present a side effect if frozen.

What happens is that when the cream cheese is frozen, its consistency is altered, and it becomes lumpy and separated, and although it can be solved if it is mixed, the question is that it will not remain the same as before being frozen. It can be used in recipes without any problem for practical purposes, but it won’t be as delicious if you plan to use it as a spread.

How Long Does Cream Cheese Last

As we have mentioned from the beginning, cream cheese is a dairy product for daily use that comes in small portion packages, and it is for that reason that it is easy to deduce that it is not long-lasting.

By being an edible product, the cream cheese comes with a label on the packaging that indicates before what date it must be used because by then, it is estimated that it will spoil.

In the case of cream cheese, which must be refrigerated from the beginning even to meet that date, the estimated duration is generally three to four weeks while it is closed and one week after being opened.

How to Tell If Cream Cheese Is Bad

We once again emphasize the point of long duration, which is a characteristic that cream cheese does not have. When it is approaching the expiration date, it is completely necessary to check if it can be consumed even a couple of days before that moment.

Luckily identifying if the cream cheese is spoiled is relatively easy. All you have to do is pay attention to what it looks like. If it looks yellowish or has mold or something suspicious in color is a clear sign that you should discard it.

Although the cream cheese looks good, it can be misleading, and you should check it out and maybe even try a bit, looking for sour and unpleasant sensations. If you find them, you should not consume the cream cheese.


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