Does Cranberry Juice Go Bad?

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Cranberry is a delicious sour fruit that almost everyone has tasted and fallen in love with. Fortunately, today we can find a derivative of this fruit on the market that you will surely love, even more, the cranberry game. This sugary nectar is easily recognizable due to its characteristic reddish color. It is flavored with extracts of other juices to give it more substance.

This super juice can be very good, but like everything can be spoiled, knowing how long it lasts and how to store it are things you need to know and that we are going to teach you. Keep reading this article to learn about it.

How to store Cranberry Juice

You may want to get a couple of cranberry juice packages, or you may already have them, whatever, unless you plan to consume it all quickly, what you should do is store it. When you go to the stores and look for cranberry juice, you can find two versions, one in which you can find it in the refrigerated section and the other at room temperature.

It is important to make the distribution because when it is stored, knowing the correct temperature is necessary to keep it in good condition. In both cases, there are two rules that you must comply with to store properly and last as long as possible in good condition and these are:

Keep it sealed

After having opened the container or the bottle in which the cranberry game comes, you must keep it closed when you are not going to consume it, both so that it stays fresh and avoids being affected by some agent that could contaminate it.

Keep it refrigerated

Like all juice, if you want it to be kept in good condition, you must keep it in a refrigerated environment to keep it in good condition.

These rules apply to both versions of the cranberry game if open. If they have not been opened, the only one that should be refrigerated is available in the stores’ refrigerated area.

On the other hand, the other version can remain well, at room temperature in the long term, as long as you take care of the following aspects:

Keep it in a good place

The characteristics that it must meet must include being a dark, cool, and dry place. The pantry can work perfectly for this situation.

Keep it away from heat

Long-term exposure to a source of heat can damage the plow set container or even the plow set itself by being able to degrade its components over time.

Can You Freeze Cranberry Juice?

If you have an amount of cranberry juice that you do not plan to drink at the moment or for the time being and want to store it so that it lasts much longer, then taking it may be the option you are looking for.

After having frozen the cranberry juice, you will not get the same quality that it had when you thaw it, so we only recommend taking this option if you plan to flavor some other drink with it. If this is the case, we also recommend that you freeze the cranberry juice in small containers that are easy to use.

How Long Does Cranberry Juice Last

To talk about how long cranberry juice lasts before it goes bad, we must remember that there are two versions of the juice available in the market, the one that comes refrigerated and the one that does not.

In the case of the one that is not refrigerated, it usually comes with certain additives that improve its ability to stay in good condition for a while if it is kept well preserved.

These specific cranberry juice usually come in packaging with a label that specifies the date until it is guaranteed to last its best quality. After that date, it can still be consumed, but its flavor will not be good.

This type of packaged cranberry juice’s shelf life can be around six months at room temperature while closed and five to six days open in the refrigerator. In the case of cranberry juice that is refrigerated, it can last a couple of weeks when closed and one when open.

How to Tell If Cranberry Juice Is Bad

Cranberry juice can last for a long time when kept closed, so when you open it, you have about a week to consume it, or else you will run the risk of spoiling it.

To avoid consuming cranberry juice in bad condition, what you should do is look for signs that indicate that it can no longer be consumed, such as a change in the drink’s color, in its smell, and its taste.

If your cranberry juice has not undergone any of these changes and you have followed all the indications at the foot of the letter, it is because it is in good condition, and you can consume it without any fear.


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