Does Couscous Go Bad?

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You may not be familiar with Couscous, but this is one of the most delicious dishes you can find when making a menu for lunch. It is a dish of North African origin, made from the seeds of wheat semolina.

Couscous is a food very similar to rice and some other types of cereals grains in the aspect that refers to cooking or accompanying some types of meats or vegetables.

Couscous is such a versatile dish then you will wonder if it is worth getting some and trying to determine if you like it or you may not be sure of buying a lot, and it is understandable to have reservations when you are going to try new things.

If you already got your Couscous, you may be left over and wonder if it will spoil. How should I store it and know if it has been damaged? Don’t worry. We will help you answer all your questions.

How to store Couscous

Like other foods such as rice or other types of cereals, Couscous must be well stored not to get spoiled in the long term.

To preserve the Couscous, you do not need to carry out any complicated plan. You have to follow a series of steps rather than comply with a series of conditions that will ensure that it is kept in a good state. These conditions are:

Keep it in a good place

The ideal environment for Couscous is one that meets the characteristics of being dark, being dry, and being cool, so the pantry works just fine as a place to store it because it has the three characteristics.

Keep it sealed

Couscous, like other cereals, is susceptible to water and humidity. If you store the Couscous, the humidity will cause havoc, and it is most likely that you will find mold. To avoid it, you must keep it sealed.

Keep it away from heat

One element that can be harmful to Couscous is heat sources because they can damage the packaging and even its content, so you should avoid them.

If when you open the package in which the Couscous comes, and it turns up that it is not made to be sealed again, you must pour it into an airtight container or an airtight bag to keep it well stored.

If you have perfectly followed all the instructions we have given you, you will be able to keep your couscous packaging in good condition for a good amount of time.

Can You Freeze Couscous?

Refrigerating Couscous after it has been prepared is one way to keep it for a while. If you intend to keep your Couscous for an extended period than the one you get when it just gets refrigerated, then you should consider freezing it.

To freeze the Couscous, what you should do is take certain precautions so that its container keeps everything that it should affect the Couscous negatively on the outside.

Once everything is ready, it is only a matter of waiting for the Couscous to thaw if you stop using it again in daily products and at mealtime.

How Long Does Couscous Last

You may have a package of Couscous that has been stored for a couple of months without being moved from that place for a long time, and you wonder if it can still be consumed. Don’t worry because the answer is yes, so you should never use it as long it has been properly preserved.

Couscous that stays dry, just as it should be before you use it for cooking, will have no problem lasting indefinitely as long as you don’t let it get affected by moisture, insects, or things like that. It should last just fine as it remains that way.

Likewise, the Couscous that has already been prepared does not have It can’t remain in good condition, and its period is usually just a couple of days, like three or four. So it would be best if you consumed it as soon as possible to let it spoil.

How to Tell If Couscous Is Bad

The fact that Couscous has a practically indefinite duration does not mean that it can’t spoil. That is why you must take precautions when storing it to avoid a possible case where your couscous stock gets wasted, and you end up losing some potential meals for the future.

If you open the Couscous package but do not know if it will be in good condition, you can always guide yourself by some things such as checking if you can see mold or if the Couscous has a disgusting odor. Also, if you can perceive that it is contaminated by insects or other organisms that can damage the Couscous you should discard it.

After checking the Couscous and not finding any of these signs that indicate that it has spoiled, It is most likely that you can consume it, so don’t worry about getting some illness because of Couscous.


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