Does Corn Syrup Go Bad

Does Corn Syrup Go Bad?

One option that you can find when looking for a sweetener, apart from the maple and chocolate syrup, is corn syrup.

It is a thick liquid that is obtained when the starch in corn is decomposed with special enzymes. The result of the entire production process is a syrup that is perfect for sweetening almost anything.

You may have one of these in your cupboard or think about buying one to try it, but you are not really a fan of sweetening everything, and you only use it once in a while, so you want to know how long it lasts and how to store it, continue reading to know everything that you need to respect.

How to store Corn Syrup

Being a sweetener like all the others means that it is long-lasting, but you should not forget that it needs to be stored correctly to run any risk of damage as time goes by.

Like the rest of the sweeteners, the corn syrup must remain under certain conditions to preserve the best state of its quality in the long term. Otherwise, you will have corn syrup in bad condition due to the fact of having neglected it.

Among the conditions in which you must maintain so that the corn syrup remains in good condition, you must take into account the following:

A good place is important.

Depending on the characteristics of the place you choose to store the corn syrup, it is quality may or may not remain intact. We recommend that you choose a dark, dry, and cool place to be safe this way.

Heat is your enemy

Another factor that can compromise the quality of your corn syrup is heat. If you let it heat up where you stored it, both the container and the corn syrup can damage and even deteriorate the flavor.

Sealing is necessary

Like almost any ingestible product, if you let the humidity affect it, it is most likely that it will end up damaged by it, either because it compromises its structural integrity, accelerates its deterioration process, or molds it, in the case of corn syrup this situation applies.

When it comes to refrigeration, corn syrup is like honey, and you don’t need it. If you try it, it will remain in good condition while you keep it sealed, but it will not extend its life span or affect its flavor positively or negatively.

If you follow these steps properly, it is practically guaranteed that your corn syrup will be preserved in good condition until you consume it.

Can You Freeze Corn Syrup?

Like refrigeration, freezing corn syrup is unnecessary since it does not need low temperatures to keep it in good condition. As suggested above, storing it in a place like a pantry is more than enough.

If you insist on the idea and your purpose is to freeze it due to some personal interest, it is likely that when you do it, the corn syrup will get thicker or that it will stay the same but not undergo major changes.

You can try pouring it into small containers such as an ice cube tray, but due to the sugar content and its viscosity factor, it may not harden easily.

How Long Does Corn Syrup Last

Usually, all edible consumer items come with a label that indicates a deadline by which the product will maintain its best quality, and corn syrup is no exception.

Like other liquid sweeteners, corn syrup will be safe to consume after the date indicated on the package label has passed; This does not mean that it is damaged. Until that moment, it is guaranteed that it will keep its flavor in the best possible state.

The amount of time you can keep corn syrup in good condition is practically indefinitely, but the more years it is in storage, the less flavor it will have, so a new bottle will always be better than an old one in terms of quality.

As long as you are careful enough to store the corn syrup following all the necessary rules so that it remains in good condition, you will not have to worry that it will spoil at some point.

How to Tell If Corn Syrup Is Bad

Something you should know is that when you see that the corn syrup darkens over time, it is not because it indicates that it is in bad condition; It is a natural process, and it will remain safe for you to consume.

As we mentioned earlier, corn syrup does not damage over time, but that does not mean that it cannot be damaged in other ways, so you must be careful to recognize any sign that it is in bad condition to know that you should discard it.

Recognizing the signals is not complicated at all. You have to see if particles inside the syrup are floating; this is an indicator that it was contaminated. Another warning you should be aware of is the smell, and if you hardly open the bottle of corn syrup, you notice something you don’t like, then throw it away.


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