Does Coral Lettuce Go Bad

Does Coral Lettuce Go Bad?

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Lettuce enhances the beauty of your salad plate. Lettuces come in many types. All are delicious. They have wavy leaves that are attractive. Coral lettuce is small lettuce with a loosehead.

Coral lettuce is a type of lettuce too. Coral lettuce can be red and green. Coral lettuce has a little bitterness along with its mild flavor.

It is small-sized cute lettuce with its ridged and curly leaves. Your salad plate might not look complete without lettuce.

These crinkly leaves stand up on your plate and make your salad look way more attractive. Yes, we know that lettuces turn bad too, and coral lettuce is just a type, so it does go bad.

How to store Coral lettuce?

It’s not a hard task to store your greens fresher properly. Turning bad of your coral lettuce feels notorious. Lettuces are an essential item in our salad plates.

Here are some tips are given in this article which will lead you to a proper storing method for your lettuces.

Wash the dirt away

It is fine to wash the dirt away from your loose leaf lettuce first. When it is about loose-leaf lettuce, it is pre-washed. It is always good to remove the damaged leaves from your lettuce.

Rinse to wash your lettuce can wipe off the harmful bacteria from the surface of your lettuce. Pick off the damaged leaves of your lettuce before you put them in your refrigerator.

Proper air circulation around

A large amount of moisture turns to be the great enemy of your lettuce’s health. It would help if you avoided moisture.

Excessive moisture leads to serious rotting of your lettuce. Bacteria and microbes rose from moisture and tend to damage your food. These bacteria flourish on your food.

Lettuce with increasing bacteria on its surface doesn’t even sound healthy. Keep your loose leaf lettuce away from a lot of moisture. A small amount of moisture is safe for your lettuce.

It can result in mold formation on the lettuce. You can do this with the help of paper towels and glass containers. Paper towels help in absorbing the moisture.

Refrigerate it

Once you are done with performing the task mentioned above, place the lettuce in your fridge. Ridged sides durable container keeps your lettuce safe from getting bruised.

You can also refrigerate your coral lettuce in a plastic bag. Leave a room in that plastic bag for air to circulate. It will help your lettuce stay fresh. You can also store our coral lettuce in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

Can You Freeze Coral Lettuce?

For long-term storage, you can store some vegetables in the freezer. Freezer increases the shelf life of the food products it stores. You can also freeze coral lettuce. But freezing affects the texture of coral lettuce. Freezing causes ice crystals to form in the cells of plants.

Due to this reason, the vegetable’s texture changes. You won’t be able to use frozen lettuce in making salads. But you can use it for cooking or flavoring purposes. There are some important things that you need to do before freezing coral lettuce.

You will have to separate and wash them properly. After you wash them, dry them thoroughly with the help of a towel. Transfer the coral lettuce to the freezer bags and then store them in the freezer for longer storage.

How Long Does Coral Lettuce Last?

Coral lettuce has a very short shelf life like other vegetables. If you want your coral lettuce to last for a long time, you should store them properly. The shelf life of coral lettuce also depends upon its quality. The better is the quality of lettuce, the longer it will last.

Generally, coral lettuce can last for a couple of days at room temperature. But if the temperature is hotter, then it will go bad quickly. If you store coral lettuce in the refrigerator, it will retain its quality for almost five days. It is better to use it before that.

Moreover, if you store coral lettuce in the freezer, it will last for almost six months. But you can only use it for cooking purposes.

How to Tell If Coral Lettuce Is Bad?

It is very easy to tell whether the coral lettuce is bad or not. By looking at some spoilage signs, you can easily tell whether the coral lettuce is bad or not. Coral lettuce spoils in the same way as other types of lettuce do.

If you are familiar with other types, then it would be easy for you to tell whether coral lettuce is bad or not. But if you find difficulty in the telling, then you need to take care of some important things:

  • Those leaves on which you find any kinds of mold or dark spots need to get rid of them at once. Moldy leaves are the ones that have already gone bad. So, it will be best for you to avoid using them.
  • If you feel that some leaves have gone softer and mushier, you can separate them from the whole. But if there are more leaves like that, you should get rid of them all at once.
  • Check the smell of the leaves. If they smell unpleasant, then it means that they are bad. It will be best for you to get rid of them.