Does Condensed Milk Go Bad?

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Condensed milk is one of the derivatives of milk that we all love no matter what. Perfect for icing almost any type of dessert-like cakes and cookies, for example, it can also be added to some drinks to sweeten them and can even be enjoyed alone.

Luckily for us, this magnificent sweet comes in packages that ensure a long life; therefore, it is possible to store it for a long time, waiting for the perfect moment when you need to use it if you want to know how to keep it if it gets damaged and this kind of thing, keep reading to learn everything about it.

How to store Condensed Milk

Make no mistake, that condensed milk is a long-lasting product does not mean that you can store it in any way. Like powdered milk, which is another known derivative of milk stored in cans, it needs certain conditions to keep it in good condition.

Let’s first start with the case of the condensed milk cans when they are closed. When you buy them like this, they come perfectly sealed and stay in good condition for a long time.

Everything you have to do in this situation can be summarized in two conditions that you must maintain so that it is kept in good condition. These are:

Keep it in an ideal environment.

All that cans of condensed milk need to stay in good condition in a dry but cool environment, and that is dark so that its temperature remains constant.

Keep them away from heat.

Cans of condensed milk can withstand being exposed to heat sources, but in the long term, the quality of its flavor can be compromised, which is why the best thing you can do is avoid them.

Once you open the cans of condensed milk, the rules for storing them change a bit because they require other specifications to ensure that they are kept optimal for consumption. What you should do is the following:

Refrigerate them

Like other dairy products and their derivatives, they need to be kept at low temperatures to keep them in good condition when opened. If you leave it open for a couple of minutes at room temperature, it will not be damaged, but it will in the long term.

Keep them sealed

When you open the cans, they lose the benefit of the protection offered by a vacuum-sealed container, which is why the best thing you can do in this situation is to pour their contents into an airtight container to avoid acquiring undesirable scents and odors.

Can You Freeze Condensed Milk?

The quality and good condition limit of condensed milk when stored in the refrigerator are around two weeks. If you intend to keep it for a longer time, you must freeze it to make it possible.

The texture of the condensed milk may be slightly altered when you thaw it, but in terms of taste and application for practical purposes, it does not affect so you can use it without problems.

The freezing process is only beneficial for open condensed milk, if it is still sealed in its can, it is unnecessary, and it would be counterproductive to freeze it because it would damage the can and its seal.

How Long Does Condensed Milk Last

Cans of condensed milk enjoy the same beneficial benefit that all cans offer, a seal that guarantees the long-term durability of their contents in good condition. That is why you can be completely sure that your can of condensed milk can remain safe to consume for years.

Like many other long-life products, the label on the cans of condensed milk only indicates the period in which you are assured that it will maintain the best state of its quality. It does not mean that it will spoil immediately afterward. On the contrary, it will still be possible to consume it even after that date passes.

In matters of exact periods during which the condensed milk is preserved in its most optimal state, the dates are usually one to two years while they have not been opened and are kept at room temperature. In contrast, after being opened, they can last two weeks if you keep them refrigerated.

How to Tell If Condensed Milk Is Bad

First, you should note that canned products owe their good condition thanks to cans; These are the ones that keep everything as it should be.

If you find a can of condensed milk with the integrity of its physical state with issues such as rust, moisture, or leaks, it means that its content’s integrity is also compromised.

Properly speaking of condensed milk, it has its characteristics by which we all know it; a yellowish color, a sweet aroma, and a thick and smooth texture.

If at any time your condensed milk has lost its color, its aroma becomes acidic or simply disgusting, and its texture shows lumps, it is a fact that it is contaminated or is in poor condition, and you should get rid of it.If you have kept your condensed milk properly stored and it does not show any of these signs of deterioration, then it is perfectly safe to consume it.


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