Does Common Apple Berry Go Bad

Does Common Apple Berry Go Bad?

Like all berries, common apple berries are also considered as a snack fruit throughout the world. It is a small edible fruit that is initially greenish in color. Apple berries turn yellow when they ripe. The unique thing about this fruit is that it starts to ripen after falling down from trees.

The common apple berries are also known as “Apple Dumpling Berries”. This is because they taste very much like a stewed apple when they ripe. Also, the shape of this fruit is similar to dumplings. It really tastes good and people love to eat it. People love both the fruit and the flower of this plant.

The apple berries do go bad, but the shelf life is a little longer than the other types of berries. But still, eat the fruit timely.

How to store Common Apple Berries?

You can store the common apple berries just like you store any of your fruit. Refrigerating the fruit is more recommended for all types of berries. Store them properly to get the most from your juicy and delicious apple berries.

Here in this article, we will share all the information about the apple berries, so read on if you want to know about it. The following methods you can follow to store apple berries:

In the Pantry

You can store the unripe apple berries in your pantry. Unripe apple berries are green and raw. So, they do not go bad in the pantry. Make sure that the spot where you store them is cool and dry. Even unripe berries can go bad if they meet unfavorable conditions.

On the other hand, ripened berries cannot stay good in the pantry or room temperature for more than a day. You can store them in the pantry if you are sure that you will consume them within some hours or a day.

Away from Heat sources

You should always store the apple berries away from all heat sources such as sunlight or your kitchen stove. In this condition, the fruit dries out really quickly. The ripen berries turn pale and wilted. So, avoid the interaction of heat sources with the fruit.

In the Refrigerator

The best place for the storage of ripened apple berries is the refrigerator. Refrigerated apple berries last long, and they retain freshness for weeks. If the apple berries are kept with all precautions, they will never disappoint you.

Make sure that you store the berries in fruit baskets or plastic bags that have proper vents. Airflow is good for these types of berries. Do not put the apple berries in the crisper of the fridge or the refrigerator bin. The berries will dry out faster in that case.

Can you Freeze Common Apple Berry?

You can freeze apple berries if you want to store them for a long-term period. The apple berries freeze well. You can use them in making jams, tarts, and liqueurs, etc. Also, frozen apple berries have a long shelf life than refrigerated ones.

You can use freezer bags or any zip-lock bags to store the apple berries. Make sure to thoroughly clean the apple berries before putting them in the freezer. Wash and dry them completely to get the best results.

How long does Common Apple Berry Last?

The common apple berries last longer than all the other types of berries. The reason behind their long shelf life is the hard texture. There is a difference between the shelf life of ripened and unripened apple berries because of their texture.

If kept in the pantry, the unripened apple berries can last for a month till they are ripe. You can use them in making various dishes. On the other hand, ripened apple berries can last for a day or two in the pantry. But they last for up to 2 weeks inside the refrigerator.

Frozen apple berries can last for 10 to 12 months. If stored properly, you will get the maximum from your apple berries.

How to tell if Common Apple Berry is Bad?

The common apple berries go bad if they meet any unfavorable conditions. If they are kept near moisture or heat sources, they definitely will go bad. Bad and rotten apple berries may affect your health, so it’s better to know about the signs they show when bad.

Following are the signs that apple berries show when they turn bad:

  • The texture of the unripened berries turns wilted. They do not give a pleasant appearance.
  • Also, when the apple berries are bad, they give a sour and gross smell. Toss them out in that case.
  • It is not recommended to consume apple berries if you see any discoloration. The fruit changes its color to brown or dark brown when they turn bad.
  • Mushy and watery apple berries are bad too. Do not consume them.
  • Last, if the fruit does not taste good, stop eating it right away.