Does Coleslaw Go Bad?

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The one that maybe is the best of companies for dishes like the grill or barbecue is the Coleslaw. With fresh ingredients such as cabbage, cabbage, onion, carrots, and a delicious vinegar or mayonnaise dressing, you can have one of the best options to complement your lunchtime menu.

You can get the Coleslaw in some stores for those who intend to consume it as soon as possible. But if you are somebody who only prefers to eat what is made at home, you can follow a recipe to prepare yours.

Whatever the case, it is always possible that you have more than you can eat at the moment and you know that if you do not keep it well it will spoil and then you worry how long it will last and how to store it, do not worry, we will respond to your doubts in this text.

How to store Coleslaw 

It is not a secret for anyone that due to the vegetables in Coleslaw, you must keep it refrigerated at all times when you do not plan to consume it.

It will not be damaged if you leave it at room temperature for a couple of minutes but a couple of hours if it can make it unconsumable.

Apart from what was said above, it is necessary to take extra precautions to preserve the Coleslaw without damaging it when its life span extends. These precautions are:

Keep it sealed

Whenever it is time for the Coleslaw to be stored in the refrigerator, it is necessary to jealously watch the container’s seal prevent the essences and odors inside the refrigerator from impregnating it, changing the taste, or damaging it in the process.

Use clean utensils

Every time you remove the Coleslaw from its container, you must be careful not to introduce any element that contaminates it, such as the remains of other food.

These conditions apply to both the salad you buy at the store and the one you make at home, but the latter has a couple of extra considerations that you should take into account when you go to prepare it:

Seasoning at mealtime

A factor that accelerates the deterioration of the highest quality of Coleslaw is the dressing, as this can cause all the ingredients to become watery during the time they are stored. To prevent this from happening, prepare the vegetables first and add the dressing only when you will eat it.

Wither it before use

It would be best to shred the cabbage, add salt to it, and then wait until it withers. Once this has happened, you should dry it. You can prevent it from getting watery during the time you have it stored.

Can You Freeze Coleslaw?

Freezing food is a universal solution for food, although you may find exceptions to the rule. In the case of Coleslaw, if you want to extend the time you can consume it, this may be an option but only under certain conditions.

You should prepare the vegetables individually and store them in airtight containers to avoid problems with humidity. When you want to consume it, you have to wait for it to thaw, and that’s when you should apply the dressing.

You can freeze the cabbage salad with its dressing only if it is oil or vinegar-based. When thawing, mayonnaise loses its original texture, and although it is consumable, it can become unpleasant.

How Long Does Coleslaw Last

Regarding the Coleslaw duration, you must remember that it is made from fresh vegetables that have been grated and cut and have a dressing. When all this is combined, it does not have a very long life, so you must consume it quickly.

It does not matter if you made it by hand or bought it in a store. Its duration is almost the same. In the case of the last option, you should be guided by what the expiration date label indicates on the outside of the package, and it is certain that after the Coleslaw passes that date, you should not consume it.

The amount of time a good coleslaw can last varies depending on whether it is sealed or open. In the first case, the limit is indicated on the label. In the second, it can last up to three days. In the case of homemade Coleslaw, it can last from three to five days.

How to Tell If Coleslaw Is Bad

One of Coleslaw’s problems is that as time goes on, the vegetable’s hardness will be lost, and their texture will become soft and watery. Despite this, if you stored it properly and did not find any sign that it is damaged, it is still perfectly consumable.

Watery Coleslaw is safe as long as you’ve been careful when storing it. But if you don’t like it is in that state, or it doesn’t meet your standards when serving food, it is understandable that you choose to discard it.

The signs to look for in Coleslaw to see if it has gone bad are mold stains, discoloration of vegetables, bad smell, and bad taste. If the Coleslaw comes from a store and has passed the date indicated on the label, you should also discard it.

Despite being a delicious accompaniment, Coleslaw is not made to be stored for a long time, so the idea is to prepare the exact amount you plan to consume at the moment to avoid loss of leftovers or long-term intoxication.


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