Do Cloves Go Bad

Does Clove Go Bad?

It is a flower bud and Spice known for its aromatic nature. It has several health benefits and is used in different dishes. It contains many nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals too.

Like all other spices, clove also has a long shelf-life. Once you store them, you can utilize them for a very long period. Yes, it does go bad but not in a traditional sense. When a clove goes bad, it means it has lost its potency.

But if you store it accurately, the cloves will not lose the potency or flavor very quickly. And you can enjoy it.

How to store clove?

There is no unique way of storing clove. You can store coves the same way other spices are stored. But storing spices is different from storing vegetables or fruits. So to store cloves, you have to adopt certain specific ways.

The shelf-life of the clove also depends on how you store it. Following are some methods you can use to store cloves. In this way, it will remain fresh and full of flavor.

Keep it in the kitchen pantry

Storing clove in the kitchen pantry is a good idea. The temperature is suitable to store cloves. It will stay fresh in the pantry for quite an along. And you can use it as long as you want.

But still, it is the short-term process of storing cloves. However, it will stay fresh for some time but not too long.

Keep it away from sunlight

It is highly suggested to keep the clove away from sunlight. Humidity, air, or heat all plays a role in having detrimental effects. They have the capacity to break down chemical compounds.

The chemical compounds are known as an essential oil. Once it is lost, even if it has not gone bad, it won’t add flavor to dishes because it is the essential oil that gives it a unique taste.

Use an air-tight container for storage

The air-tight containers are a good option to utilize to store the cloves. The glass or plastic container is more appropriate. You can use Stainless steel jars, but it is not that suitable because it is a conductor of heat.

In an air-tight container, air cannot pass through it, keeping it fresh. Otherwise, if exposed to air, it will absorb the moisture, and it will change its color. Keep an eye on the container to check the growth of molds. Discard the cloves.

Can you freeze clove?

Yes, you can freeze the clove while storing them in the air-tight container first. But it depends on the form of clove. It determines its lasting period.

If you plan on using the cloves daily, do not put the cloves in the freezer. Because by taking it out daily from the freezer, the air will possibly pass through the container. It will ruin your cloves.

If you want to place cloves in the freezer, remember to put half of the cloves you will not use daily. And the cloves used daily to keep it in the pantry.

How long does clove last?

It totally depends on what procedure you adopt for storage. It can last you for few months, or it can also last you more than one year. But it does not completely go bad.

It just losses the aroma it has. But even that does not completely vanish. It will surely last longer if you keep it at a cool temperature. That is the ideal temperature.

If you store the clove in kitchen cabinets, it will last you up to four to six months. After that, it will start losing its aroma.

If you store it in the fridge, it will last you up to one to three years. But clove in the grounded form will last you one to two years. Keep in mind that does not place it with other high aromatic herbs or spices.

In comparison to that, it is recommended to purchase the whole clove. The whole clove has a higher potency than that of grounded clove.

How to tell if clove is bad?

There are ample ways to know if the clove has gone bad or not. If you come across any of the indicators mention below, do not use the clove. There is no harm in using the clove.

But it makes no sense to use clove that has lost its aroma, taste, and nutrients to an extent. Following are the indicators you have to keep an eye on.

  • The clove will start losing color. It clearly indicates that cloves have gone bad. And it would be best if you discarded them right away.
  • The other thing to notice is if you wanted to know cloves gone bad, check for the growth of molds inside the jar. The molds inside the jar will ruin the cloves as well.
  • And if physically there is no damage, you can see. But you doubt that the clove has gone bad, you have to give a taste test.