Does Cloudberry Go Bad

Does Cloudberry Go Bad?

Cloudberries, sometimes known as bakeapple, is a cute little snack fruit. The appearance of this fruit is so catchy that you would love to eat it right away. They have a very beautiful rosy-orange colour like raspberries. Their tartly sweet taste makes you feel so good.

Cloudberry is a fruit of cold regions. For the people living in Asia, finding this fruit is quite difficult. People are getting aware of this fruit’s benefits as it is high in vitamin C. Cloudberries can be eaten raw or used in making jams, pies, juices, and even liqueurs.

Similar to all berries, the cloudberries do go bad. If you want to make the berries last longer, all you need to do is store the fruit properly.

How to Store Cloudberry?

As cloudberries have a very short season, people grab bulks of this fruit when available. You might be one of those and worried about the shelf life and storage methods. Don’t worry because this article will give you all the important information about cloudberries

You can extend the shelf life of this fruit by storing it properly. Follow the following methods to store cloudberries:

Store the Berries Unwashed

If you are not going to eat the cloudberries immediately, store them unwashed. Always wash these fresh fruits just before eating them.

Discard the Bad pieces of Cloudberries

Before putting your cloudberries, make sure that there is no rotten piece amongst them. If you see any bad, discolored or watery piece of berry, discard it immediately. Otherwise, they can make all the berries go bad.

In a Cool and Dry place

You can store the berries in a cool and dry place in your pantry or dining for instant time. The berries will not go bad for a day if they do not meet unfavourable conditions like moisture and heat sources.

In the Refrigerator

The ideal place to store berry-like cloudberries in the refrigerator. You can use fruit baskets or plastic bags with proper vents to store the berries. If kept with all the precautions, the cloudberries will stay good for weeks.

Make sure that you do not place the cloudberries in the crisper. Otherwise, the berries will dry out faster. Also, do not use airtight containers for storing these berries because airflow is important for the berries to retain freshness.

Try keeping the cloudberries in the middle shelves of the fridge so you will remember to eat them before they go bad. Keeping the berries in the refrigerator for more than a week or two will make them go bad. And you definitely will not want your expensive and rare berries to go bad. So, eat them timely.

Can you Freeze Cloudberry?

If you want to store cloudberries for a long-term period, freezing is the best option. The cloudberries freeze well. They can stay healthy in the freezer for months. You would not be able to enjoy the fresh and juicy taste of the berries, but you can use them in making dishes.

Wash the cloudberries and dry them completely. Then put them in an airtight container or freezer bags. Thus, the berries are ready to go in the freezer. You can use them in making jams, smoothies etc.

How long does Cloudberry Last?

The shelf life of cloudberries is quite short, just like all other berries. Either you store them properly or eat them right away. If you want them to eat fresh, they can stay good only for a week or two. But you can enjoy frozen cloudberries in your dishes for quite a long time.

The cloudberries placed in the pantry with all the precaution can maximum last for one day. You have to eat them within 24 hours, or they will go bad. In contrast, the refrigerated cloudberries will last for 1 to 2 weeks. Try consuming them within 8 to 9 days if you do not want to take a risk.

Frozen cloudberries will stay good for 10 to 12 months, and you will enjoy eating them in jams and tarts.

How to tell if Cloudberry is Bad?

Bad cloudberries do not give a pleasant appearance. We can judge them if they are bad just by looking at them. This is because the berries just lose their beautiful colour and texture. It is important to know if the cloudberries are bad because bad berries may poison your stomach.

The cloudberries are bad if they show the following signs:

  • If the appearance of the cloudberries seems mushy and watery, they are bad. Discard them right away.
  • When the cloudberry is bad, the beautiful lumps of the fruit become flat. It just loses its texture.
  • The orangish colour of the cloudberries starts to darken and become brownish-black.
  • The bad cloudberries smell gross. Also, if you feel that the taste is bad, toss them out.
  • Sometimes the cloudberries also catch mold. Do not consume moldy fruit.