Does Choy Sum Go Bad

Does Choy Sum Go Bad?

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Choy sum is a leafy vegetable that is used in many Chinese dishes. Choy sum is a Chinese name of a vegetable called Chinese flower cabbage or Chinese mustard in English. They are cultivated and harvested in the areas of Asia.

Choy sum is very good for health as it contains fiber and iron. It can be eaten raw, and it is also very delicious when it is mixed with beef or sausages. Choy sum is quite similar to broccoli and is used to make salads. Choy sum has a color combination of pale yellow and dark green.

How To Store Choy Sum

Choy sum could be an exceptionally common vegetable found within the cities of China. It is a side vegetable used as an external ingredient to make beef, salad, and many other recipes. It is collected from the soil.

Putting away Choy whole isn’t a difficult task. Diverse capacity strategies are implied, which you’ll be able to take after to extend the rack life of Choy sum.


The appropriate way to store Choy sum is to store it in the refrigerator. Take Choy sum and wash it properly. Once it is completely washed, dry it and wrap it with newspaper or roll it, or you can put it in a plastic bag as well.

Keep it in a refrigerator. This will help you to store fresh Choy Sum. But you have to keep it in your mind that keep it in a crispy drawer of the refrigerator.

Place in Water

One of the ways to store Choy sum is to keep it in water. Boil water and cool it. When it is slightly hot, fill the jar with that water. Now wash it, so all the enzymes are cleared, and it is much fresher.

Tie it with a thin thread and put it in a jar. Make sure to use the jar which has a cover. Cover the jar tightly. Boil water and wash clothes. The Choy sum can be stored for at least two days.

Before using it again, you have to wash it again not to impact your health negatively.

In Your Pantry

It is better if you are not storing Choy sum in a room as its leaves will start fading away. It cannot stay fresh longer in an open area due to moisture.

Can You Freeze Choy Sum

Suppose you are planning to store Choy Sum for a long period. The best way is to freeze it. Boil the water for 2 minutes. Put Choy Sum in water and keep it in a box. Put the box in the refrigerator. It will stay for up to 12 months.

Freezing Choy sum is the most appropriate and recommended pattern. Before freezing and after freezing, you have to wash Choy sum properly as other bacteria are removed properly when you eat it. It will not harm your health. Freezing Choy sum will not affect the nutritional elements at all.

How Long Does Choy Sum Last

The Choy sum expiry date depends on the way it is being stored. When you have collected Choy sum, the first step is to wash it properly as it contains bacteria and other enzymes. Suppose you keep Choy sum in a jar with boil water. It can last for two days.

On the other hand, if you keep it in an air-tight plastic bag or wrap it in a newspaper and put it in the refrigerator, it will last for five to six days. If you freeze the Choy sum, it will last for 12 months. Choy sum has a quality that it doesn’t lose its quality if frozen leaves are used.

Whatever process you follow to store Choy sum, the mandatory exercise is to wash Choy sum before and after that. The freshness of Choy sum remains when they are kept in water, or you can use water spray as well.

How To Tell If Choy Sum Is Bad

Choy sum has a long shelf life if you are freezing it, though it has an expiry date. There are different indications to see if your Choy sum is no longer fit to consume.

  • Appearance: A very common trait to get to know that your Choy sum is spoiled is that its leaves will start turning completely yellow. After getting yellow, they will start turning out brown, or you can see textures on leaves, which indicate spoiled Choy Sum.
  • Pest: Fungus can happen when leaves become completely dry. The dryness of leaves will eventually turn into molds. Worms or insects make holes in the leaves, which ruins the Choy sum completely.
  • Taste: There are times where a vegetable looks fresh but is rotten inside. For this, when you will chew Choy sum, you will feel bitterness, which is the actual indication of spoiled Choy sum.