Does Chocolate Go Bad?

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Who doesn’t love chocolate? From the biggest to the smallest, they enjoy it. You can consume it in various ways, in cakes, in cookies, in drinks, or simply in a bar. Every one of them is delicious, and it is impossible to resist everyone’s favorite dessert.

It may be that at some point you find a chocolate bar that is close to its expiration date or that may have already passed, and you are worried if it has already been damaged and you have no idea how to know, there is no reason to be alarmed, it is still in good condition.

How to store chocolate

If you have a chocolate bar and worry about not knowing how to store it properly, you do not have to worry. It is not something from the other world. As long as you are careful enough and handle it properly, there is no risk that it will damage itself.

It is advisable to have any portion of chocolate that you have in a place where it does not receive direct light, preferably a dark place, and it should also be a cool place with a temperature between 12C ° and 16C °.

These are the optimal environmental conditions for a chocolate to be well preserved, but they are not the only ones. In addition to that, you must also:

Avoid bringing it close to the heat.

High temperatures can alter the chocolate’s shape; if it comes as a squared bar that you can divide to size, it can lose that quality with the heat and contribute to degrading the piece’s quality.

Please keep it away from odors.

Chocolates are sweets that can absorb aromas from various sources, so having them exposed to some source that can alter their flavor to no longer be used or even ingested would be a waste.

Keep it in its wrapped

If the chocolate comes with its wrapping, it is best to keep it after that opening it. In case it has been broken, or you have discarded it, the aluminum foil is an option to store it properly.

By following these guidelines, you can be sure that all the chocolate you keep will remain in good condition for a long time without fear that something could damage it and that it will be possible to consume or use it on any occasion.

Can You Freeze Chocolate?

Refrigerating or even freezing chocolate is generally discouraged as it can expose it to moisture that alters its integrity or can lead to mold. Despite this, if you intend to refrigerate it, you can do it without worrying about it by storing the chocolate in a special cold bag that isolates it from moisture and can be kept there without problems for as long as you need.

Usually, it is unnecessary to refrigerate the chocolate because it can remain in good condition for a long time at room temperature. Still, if you do not have an environment with the appropriate temperature for its preservation, it is understandable that you need to do so. Following the methods already mentioned, you can refrigerate or freeze without problems.

How Long Does Chocolate Last

Chocolate is a long-lasting sweet for the relief of many, so it can last a couple of months in the pantry if necessary if you resist the temptation to eat it first.

In matters of how long exactly the chocolate lasts depends on the type. Dark chocolate is the one that lasts longer than the rest of the chocolates with around 9 to 12 months, the next on the list is milk chocolate, this has a duration of 4 to 6 months, in the last place is the white chocolate which has a duration of 3 to 4 months.

If the chocolates are well stored, they can last in good condition even a couple of months after the expiration date indicated and can be consumed without fear of getting sick.

In the case of other desserts with chocolate, their duration depends on the type of dessert, its ingredients, whether they are from a store or they are homemade.

The duration of these may be different from the chocolates themselves, so you should avoid trying as if it were the same.

How to Tell If Chocolate Is Bad

Due to the long duration of the chocolates, they may do not spoil, they can last years even depending on the type of chocolate, but of course, one that is very old, although it can be consumed it will not have the same taste as one that is freshly made.

Sometimes the chocolates may present a white powder or some gray stripes but do not worry, and these are not signs that they have gone bad. It may be crystallized sugar is a process in which the cocoa in the chocolate itself; both situations are harmless.

The only way a bar of chocolate goes bad is because it has acquired mold. If you see that a bar has green or white spots with a strange texture, it is best not to eat that chocolate and throw it away.


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