Does Chinese Bayberry Go Bad

Does Chinese Bayberry Go Bad?

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Chinese Bayberry is a berry-like purplish fruit, sweet-tart in flavor like a raspberry or strawberry. It is round in shape equal to the size of a strawberry. Yangmei or Chinese bayberry tree can grow up to 10m. Chinese Bayberry fruit is ready to harvest from the last week of April to the end of May. It is usually grown in South East Asia and Japan. The fruit can be found commonly in parks, streets and is also cultivated.

Like all other fruits, Chinese Bayberries also expire. The berries can stay fresh for a week on your kitchen shelf, at room temperature. A spoiled fruit can reflect signs of rotted softness, smell, and taste change.

How To Store Chinese Bayberry

Mostly, the Chinese Bayberry is eaten fresh as it has a low shelf life. Like every other fruit, Chinese Bayberry is spoiled if not stored correctly. It is unlikely to find this fruit outside Asia; however, it can end up in a few days in hot regions.

Following are the techniques we will discuss to increase the storage life of Chinese Bayberry.

Room Temperature

A completely ripped berry can survive for a week on your kitchen shelf. Berries are kept open in a tray or container so air can keep flowing because berries can absorb moisture fast and get spoiled.

It is suggested to wash only when you have to eat them. However, berries are dipped into a mixture of water and vinegar to eliminate any outer mold development.

Refrigerate it

Storing berries in the refrigerator can last up to two to three weeks. Use a dry container, preferred not to cover, to keep berries fresh and avoid natural moisture buildup.

Open plastic bags can also be used to prevent natural moister buildup, as in air-tight bags, which will increase the berries’ storage life.

Washing the fruit before placing it into the refrigerator will make it grab mold. However, washing is suggested before eating, so you may not consume any possible pesticides on berries’ surface.


Freezing the fruit can make it last for about a year. You can first place the berries on a tray then place them in the freezer. When they get solid, you can place them in a plastic bag or a container and again place them in a container.

It is preferable if you freeze berries dry. Washing berries will allow it to absorb that moisture and affect texture and taste upon thawing the fruit. It will also prevent any potential growth of mold.

Can You Freeze Chinese Bayberry

Chinese Bayberry can be frozen. It is not common to find Chinese bayberries out of the region, so it is usually exported in a frozen state, which is expensive. It is not preferred to wash fruit before freezing. If you have to use it directly after freezing, you can wash and dry the berries to freeze them.

Frozen berries are in different desserts, smoothies and are much liked in ice creams and juices. You can thaw your fruit at room temperature and a few minutes in mild-warm water.

Frozen berries can last for 5-6 months in a domestic freezer and about a year in a commercial freezer.

How Long Does Chinese Bayberry Last

The age of Chinese bayberry depends upon the storage conditions and has a low shelf life. Normally, people usually prefer to keep it on a dining table or a refrigerator, and for long-term usage, it is preferred to freeze the fruit. On the kitchen shelf, the Chinese bayberry can last up to a week. After a week, it will start to rotten and will develop grayish colors on its outer layer, and will smell.

Keeping your fruit in a refrigerator can extend its life for a week, separated from other fruits and vegetables. If the partially rotten berry is placed along with others, other berries may last for 2-3 days. Freezing the berries in a domestic freezer can extend its life for 3-6 months normally. Commercial freezers can maintain below 0°C temperature, hence increasing the storage life for about a year.

How To Tell If Chinese Bayberry Is Bad

Like every other fruit, Chinese bayberry also gets expires and will exhibit obvious signs following which we can save ourselves from eating or choosing rotten berries. Following are the features to follow to identify spoiled Chinese bayberry.

  • Appearance: A spoiled Chinese bayberry may have mold growth on it. It will have a soft and mushy touch. The texture will have wrinkles on it. The berries may have cracks in them.
  • Smell: Rotten Chinese bayberry will have a foul smell. The smell will be stronger if all of the berries on the branch are rotten.
  • Taste: Sometimes, the fruit may seem fine from outside, but it may have gone rotten. On tasting, you will feel dry bayberry. A rotten blueberry will have a foul taste.